11 Wedding Movies We Love That Are Sure to Inspire You

Whether you have grown up watching them or are just now catching up on your Netflix queue, there are countless wedding films that are bound to incite inspiration for the planning of your own current or future wedding. Here at NEOW Mag, we put together a list of wedding films that are sure to spark some ideas to animate your wedding with. Check them out below!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A tale of breaking tradition, finding true love and learning to accept one’s kooky family, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a must see for the whole family. Toula is 30 years old, unmarried and comes from a heavily traditional Greek family. When she gets engaged to a man who is described as “definitely not Greek”, the story of the couple gaining acceptance from Toula’s family and planning their wedding enfolds. This movie is a romantic comedy that should not be missed.

Sex and the City

Back in 2008, fans of the Sex and the City television series were glad to see Carrie and her group of friends back at it again for their first feature film, but it’s the fashion in this flick that really takes the cake! Carrie’s Vivienne Westwood gown is to die for in addition to the uniquely mismatched bridesmaid dresses on Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. Not to mention, the Vogue photo-shoot scene where we see bridal couture from designers such as Vera Wang and Dior? This is the ultimate wedding film for the fashion aficionado!

The Proposal

Sometimes lasting love occurs in the strangest of ways. For Margaret and Andrew, love grew from great dislike. Playing the part of an engaged couple so Margaret can evade deportation, the pair becomes fond of one another and must navigate their feelings while avoiding an immigration official and fooling Andrew’s family.

Corpse Bride

Fans of the macabre are bound to enjoy this tragic yet heartfelt story. Tim Burton’s signature stop motion film style is executed beautifully and is rife with aesthetic inspiration; especially for brides with an edgier taste. Emily, the corpse bride herself, may be dead, but she sure pulls off that wedding dress!

The Wedding Planner

Always the wedding planner and never the bride, until now? When a freak accident brings them together, Mary and Steve share a magical night together, but only for Mary to find out Steve is the groom in the wedding she has been hired to plan. This movie has a unique story of finding the right love at the wrong time that will keep you rooting for them to end up together.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

This may seem like a strange choice considering that Julianne, played by Julia Roberts, is actually trying to break up the wedding, but the unconventional dynamic between the characters makes My Best Friend’s Wedding an interesting watch. In a nutshell, Julianne realizes too late that she is in love with her best friend, so the only logical explanation would be to stop the wedding by orchestrating a series of lies, right? Give it a watch to see the film’s surprise twist ending.

Father of the Bride

Whether you are watching the 1950’s classic film or the 1991 adaption with Steve Martin, this is the perfect movie to watch with your own father of the bride. We recommend the 1991 adaption. The plot is heartfelt yet comedic with a top-notch performance delivered by Steve Martin.

Mamma Mia!

We would bet that this is the one you have been waiting to see on this list. How could there be a list of wedding films without Mamma Mia? A fantastic movie to view with a group of friends, you will want to sing and dance along to the hits that add to the well-crafted story line. Not to mention, some heavy inspiration for a beautiful bohemian-style wedding.


Speaking of movies to watch with your friends, gather your soon-to-be bridesmaids for this crazy story of friendship and unexpected events. Sometimes it is hard work to be a bridesmaid, and that is especially true for Annie, played by Kristen Wiig, when her best friend gets engaged. While trying to get her own life together, Annie is tasked with maid-of-honor duties and must work together with the other bridesmaids to avoid disaster. But—chaos ensues nonetheless in this hilarious comedy.

The Sound of Music

Although it is not a film that has a wedding centered story-line, the wedding scene in The Sound of Music is certainly memorable. Julie Andrews as Maria in her satin dress and long veil trailing behind her is a breathtaking visual. What bride wouldn’t want her walk down the aisle to look that graceful?

The Wedding Singer

As silly as this selection may be, you can not underestimate just how fun this movie can be. Adam Sandler delivers surprising musical performances while trying to win over the woman whose wedding he’s supposed to help plan. It is a great watch if you are looking for a good laugh.

Movies are a great source to turn to when running low on inspiration. From the ceremony to the wedding party, we hope our list of wedding films will give you the inspiration you need to make your wedding lights and camera ready!

Author: Arianna Shapiro