2021 Wedding Dress Trends

White Dress or Colorful Dress?

These are the most recent, sought trends on wedding dresses for 2021.

When we think of wedding dresses, we tend to think of traditional white wedding gowns. Sometimes with lace, sparkles, or just plain fabric. Nowadays, however, the picture of a colored gown is becoming more common.

While white gowns are still the first option for many brides, especially the more traditional brides, Adda Sutter, owner of Saving Grace Endeavors (SGE) Bridal Boutique in Gahanna, Ohio says that she has seen some brides look for wedding gowns with color.

“Last year [the brides] would look for black or red [gowns]”, Sutter enthralls, “This year they mainly asked for almond or blush… softer colors”.

Image Credit: Lisa La Mode

SGE, being a small consignment boutique, sees mostly white gowns and the brides who look for them. Sutter admits that older brides do still look for white gowns because they like being traditional.

“[Trends] really change”, Sutter reflects, “I would see a lot of ruching, then a soft lace ball gown, then sleek, fitted gowns. The last couple of years have been the low backs, lace, mermaid dresses”.

“That’s where we are still at”, continues Sutter, “The lace and mermaid are what a lot of girls are looking for this year. Also, last year there was a lot of bling, they liked all the gems and jewels and everything like that. Not so much this year.”

This year, Sutter has also had many brides ask for short dresses, tea-length dresses, and pantsuits.

Although not many brides request very colorful dresses, Sutter says that they do look for color in other ways, for example in their sashes or belts.

Sam Kay, a native from Ohio, decided she wanted a different wedding dress and purchased an ivory-blush Watters Sirena dress with white floral cut-outs.

Watters Sirena Dress/Taken from Watters

“I wanted to look different from other brides”, says Kay, “I tried on around a hundred dresses at more than eight shops, and all the white ones blended together”.

“When I saw pictures of people in their wedding dresses or looked over at other brides trying all their dresses they all looked so similar and generic”, Kay describes.

The soon-to-be bride confesses that her family wasn’t happy about her choice of dress.

“While they understood that I didn’t want to wear white, they thought I’d change my mind once I tried the white dresses on”, Kay recalls, “When, in fact, doing so cemented my decision to wear color”.

Kay says that she wears white every day so the color didn’t feel special to her.

“I always thought I’d end up with a pale blue dress but had no luck finding any in my budget”, Kay explains.

Despite the difficulties in finding a dress and her family’s objections, Kay expresses that she loves her dress.

“It’s so cool”, she says excitedly, “It looks so different than anything I’ve tried on or have known anyone to wear. I feel sophisticated but edgy at the same time and absolutely like a bride!”

Kay also said that her unique dress compliments the Redwoods and nature vibe underneath where she will be getting married this year.

Katelyn H. on the other hand, also from Ohio, broke with both white and colored dress trends.

Willowby Orion Dress by Watters/Image from Watters

“I’ve always been a person who likes to break tradition and push her limits”, she told us, “I fell for my fiancé at a concert and got proposed to at a concert as well”.

Katelyn related how she had always wanted a unique dress for her wedding. She thought first about trying white or off-white dresses that had a unique style in terms of cut or embellishments. But, when she saw her dress on Pinterest she knew she had to try it on.

“I had a sneaking suspicion”, Katelyn said, “that it would be my perfect dress”.

At first, Katelyn’s family wasn’t on board with the idea of a wedding dress with silver and gold sequin stars, but eventually, they agreed that it looked great on her.

“My grandmother has since come around to the idea of her crazy hippie granddaughter in a dress covered in stars, and now everyone is on board”, said Katelyn.

“Although my wedding got delayed by the pandemic to 2022”, admitted Katelyn, “I can’t wait to dance the night away with my future husband in a dress covered in stars.”

Author: Daila Ayala