7 Wedding Transportation Ideas for Spring and Summer

7 Wedding Transportation Ideas for Spring and Summer

Warm weather is on the way, so it is time to put your hair up, windows down, and dive into wedding planning. If you are looking for fun wedding transportations – for a spring or summer wedding – check out these 7 ideas for your big day!

1. Antique Car

Arriving at your special event in a classic car will make your entrance unforgettable. Plus, it will serve as a timeless backdrop for photos. Let’s face it, how many times in life do you find an excuse to rent an old fashioned classic car?

2. Horse and Carriage

If you are looking to capture a Cinderella themed entrance, a horse-drawn carriage is the way to go.  Such a romantic and whimsical ride will bring a storybook setting to your wedding day. Can you picture it now? The clink of the horses’ hooves, the romantic spirit in the air, and most importantly the love of your life sitting right next to you. Ensure your day is truly magical with this royal touch to your traveling experience

3. Tandem Bicycle

Add some hipster flair to your wedding transportation with a tandem bike built for two. You can accessorize the bike with flowers or balloons to add a seasonal, decorative touch. We recommend this transportation for short trips only… unless that is you are starting the couple’s 5k training early.

4. Golf Cart

Well, because let’s be honest. Every time you have seen a golf cart with the key in the ignition, you were very tempted to jump in and take off. We always promised ourselves we would return it, right? But this golf cart won’t be like all of those ordinary ones you once wanted to borrow for a joy ride. This golf cart will be decorated with flowers, cans, glitter, balloons – anything to bring out the personality of you newlyweds best.

5. Sailboat

We could have told you to go with a simpler paddle or rowboat, but why not go big with a sailboat? You will feel honeymoon ready in your temporary, castaway home. For those of you who really like to go all out, upgrade to a yacht for extreme extravaganza!

6. Party Bus

If you are looking to ride with your entire bridal party, go bigger with a party bus! Most companies allow you to bring your own food and drinks on the bus. You can find some that have a rooftop deck as well. It is easy to have fun on a party bus, so don’t forget to get off of it to entertain the rest of your party.

7. Helicopter

This ultimate exit is not for everyone. Remember that helicopters do go in the air, so if you are afraid of heights we do not recommend spoiling the day with this wedding transportation. For all you adrenaline chasing, go big or go home type of people, nothing does it bigger or better than a helicopter ride. For the most romantic view, check out this option for transportation.

Author: Emily Dugan