To Be or Not to Be — GLAM

To Be or Not to Be -- GLAM

It is very common for a bride-to-be to practice makeup and hair options before getting
married. Sometimes this process can be helpful, but sometimes it can also cause a lot of
unnecessary stress. The ultimate question when it comes to hair and makeup is, to be or
not to be GLAM. Is going all out with a full face and styled hair the way to go? Or would
a natural, less styled look be the better choice for you? Or have you already tried both,
and you are still just stuck? Not to worry, we have a few questions that will help you
make the right decision.
How comfortable do you feel in your bare, natural skin?
We are all created in such unique ways, and we all should celebrate the body given to us.
However, it is crazy to say that we don’t have insecurities. If you feel more comfortable
with makeup to cover your blemishes, feel free use it. Makeup is not a cover up, but a
beauty of art that accents your natural look. However, if you feel more comfortable with
your natural look, great! Wear light makeup consisting of mascara and a light gloss. Do
not put yourself in an uncomfortable position.
Do you often rub your face, sweat, or get watery eyes?
We all do it, but if you do it a lot, it may become an issue. Some people are sensitive to
lights or colors and will have tears run down their face without meaning to. Be sure to
wear waterproof makeup in this case, but you may want to also take it light on the
foundation. Your eyes are so easy to be bothered, so be sure to have eye drops and q-tips
on hand in case you do smear your makeup. Have your maid-of honor hold onto such
important items. If you sweat a lot, be sure to carry a facial mist, use a primer before
doing makeup, and avoid using powders. Blog on wedding day makeup tips to come
Have you looked back on pictures of yourself?
Time to creep on yourself. It’s not like you haven’t done it before, but now it’s for a real
purpose. See what look is best on you in pictures. See what works best with all of your
angles. Up dos, half-up half-down, braids, head piece? Ask a couple besties for their
opinion too. What makeup look really stood out to them? Do they have a favorite
makeup look from your past?
Does your significant other prefer a look?
Ultimately the decision of hair and makeup is yours, but if you cannot make a decision
ask your soon to be husband or wife. They may have a preference or suggestion that will
heavily influence your final decision. Remember to not go into too much detail about
your look, it must remain mostly a surprise.

Your wedding day is going to be special no matter how you decide to style your
look—never forget that!

Xoxo- Emily Dugan

Author: Emily Dugan