The Beauty of the Boudoir Shoot

The Gift of Boudoir

What starts as a gift for their significant others, ends up being the biggest gift of confidence for the brides.

Picture by Jessica Kozlowski Photography

What used to be a room located between the dining room and the bedroom, the boudoir, was where intimate feminine conversations took place. Brought to light by the Marquis de Sade with his writings between the late 1700s and the 1800s, this small room soon found renown.

However, with time, ‘boudoir’ ceased to be the little room where women shared intimate conversations and turned into photoshoots that displayed naked or half-naked women in sensual elegant poses.

At first, a subject of scandal and societal disdain, this style of photoshoot is nowadays a source of confidence for the ladies that choose to partake in it.

Confidence, though, seems to be a surprising addition gained from the experience. Which is, at first, done with the purpose of gifting the final pictures to husbands and fiancés.

“It boosted my confidence”, said Kate Lines, soon-to-be bride, and Ohio resident, when we asked her about her experience, “I had an idea, in my head, of what my body looked like that wasn’t super positive. I felt differently after I got my photos”.

Photo by Jessica Kozlowski Photography

For some though, the preparation for the photo shoot can also be a source of confidence. Elyse Marie, from Cleveland, Ohio, told us she was satisfied with the work she put in before going into the photo shoot.

“I did it as a surprise for my husband”, she said, “I was proud of all the hard work I put in to get me in shape for the photos”. Elyse Marie also mentioned how the experience helped gain empowerment and the freedom and confidence to feel sexy.

Tara Nicole, also from Cleveland, wanted to have a photoshoot done for her fiancé as his wedding gift and found confidence along the way.

“I thought it would be something special for him, he loves my body so it’s perfect”, Tara Nicole told us, “It actually gave me a lot of new confidence about my body”.

Of course, to become confident and empowered during the experience, not only did these ladies have to show up for themselves, but they also had to have an encouraging photographer.

“Most of the girls I get have never done a photoshoot before”, photographer Jessica Kozlowski told us. Kozlowski, of Jessica Kozlowski Photography located in Ashtabula, Ohio, is a wedding and boudoir photographer who started photography only about a year ago but now has a booming business.

To get the brides comfortable, Kozlowski has developed a few methods.

Photo by Jessica Kozlowski Photography

“First of all, I make sure to tell them that the photo shoot can be as conservative as they want it to be”, Kozlowski said, “People don’t realize that there are different kinds of boudoir: there’s the naked boudoir, the lingerie boudoir, the half-clothed boudoir, etc”.

“I also recommend that they bring three outfits in which they are comfortable in”, Kozlowski continued, “If they are not confident, it won’t work”.

Kozlowski then slowly goes through poses with them and holds space for them, giving them encouraging words until the women get comfortable.

“I like it when I can do photoshoots in their own homes”, Kozlowski said, “It’s more intimate and it helps the women feel more secure and comfortable”.

According to Kozlowski, most women decide to do a boudoir photoshoot to get out of their comfort zone or to do it for their husbands as a wedding present or anniversary gift.

“They come in very closed off”, recounts Kozlowski, “But, by the end of it, they are the ones suggesting poses and even taking off their clothes!”

While taking off their clothes may not be for everyone, experience demonstrates that doing boudoir photoshoots increases self-confidence and is a very good gift for that special someone.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and feel sexy.

Author: Daila Ayala