7 Alternative Wedding Rings to Personalize Your Ceremony

Wedding rings–the symbol of a couple’s lifelong commitment to one another–can come in many forms. From silicone to fingerprint rings, the sky is the limit when coming up with your own unique wedding band to share with your partner forever. If you’re searching for inspiration, NEOW Mag has compiled a list of alternative wedding rings to personalize your commitment, just for you!

Puzzle Rings

Like a two-piece heart pendant, puzzle rings literally represent how you and your partner complete each other. “These rings will come in pairs and when they are joined together, they create a single ring,” states an article on ThatSweetGift.com. “However, when worn separately, they are still stunning in their own ways.” With puzzles rings, you and your partner can share a wedding band just as you will be sharing your lives together.

Silicone Bands

Do you and your partner lead an active lifestyle? Does your work impede you from wearing a metal ring? If so, silicone bands could be the perfect solution. Silicone bands are soft, flexible, and do not include any diamonds/gemstones. They are durable enough to withstand harsh working conditions, and their simplicity makes them a great for those who appreciate minimalism. People praise silicone bands for their versatility as well. According to ThatSweetGift.com, “They are simple, modern, and youthful, without compromising their aesthetic, and they can easily be worn in a variety of different situations.” Also, if you or your partner has a metal allergy, silicone could be a good alternative.

Hammered Bands

A modern twist to the wedding band can be achieved through the hammered metal look. Usually thought of as being a more masculine style, hammered bands can be made to look more delicate and feminine too. A thin hammered band with a few inlaid diamonds, as shown above, is a rather elegant example. More masculine styles can be accomplished with a wider band and deeper hammer marks.

Fingerprint Rings

This highly personalized option utilizes you and your partner’s own fingerprints. An impression of your partner’s fingerprint on your wedding ring is certainly a romantic idea, and it can be a rather intimate one too. “Fingerprint designs can be displayed on the outside of the ring where everyone can see it, or on the inside of the ring, if you prefer a more subtle secret between just the two of you,” states an article from North West Brides. Either way, it would be a meaningful addition to any wedding ring.

Sound Wave Bands

Arguably the most unconventional choice on this list, sound waves can be cast onto wedding bands to make for a truly personalized symbol of your love. How it is done is that you and your partner would record yourselves saying something meaningful to one another. It can be a simple “I love you”, “I do”, a verse from a favorite love song, or even a secret message only you two will share. Once the sound file is emailed to the jeweler, a 3-D printed cast of the sound waves is made and cast onto the rings. It would undoubtedly be a romantic conversation piece for your lifetime to come.

Wooden Bands

Environmentally conscious, or simple outdoorsy, couples can express their shared love for nature with wedding bands made from salvaged wood. Simply Wood Rings is a company that can make or even custom design such bands. “These [Simply Wood] rings are handmade in Chicago, with each molded from a single piece of salvaged wood, then reinforced with industrial strength adhesive, which is nontoxic and has no Volatile Organic Compounds,” states North West Brides. The company also offers free lifetime ring refinishing.


If you are looking for a more permanent alternative to the wedding ring, you cannot get any more permanent than a tattoo. The unique about tattoo rings is that you and your partner would have absolute freedom to make them into anything you two desire. “From simple single lines, to the date of the big day, or a symbol that has meaning for the two of you – you can have something small that can be hidden by a traditional ring, or go for something more ornate that’s on display. There’s loads of options to choose from,” states North West Brides. It is a daring choice that would make a bold statement. Read our article on tattooed wedding bands here to get the scoop on this modern tradition.

Whether they are silver, gold, silicone or even wooden, wedding rings should be special to the couple wearing them. As adventurous wedding ideas continue to emerge, nontraditional couples are finding new ways to express or, in this case, wear their love for one another. But no matter which style you and your partner choose, in the end, the most important aspect of your wedding rings is the lifelong commitment they will represent.

Author: Arianna Shapiro