2021 Bridal Makeup Trends: “Natural Clean Romanticism”

2021 Bridal Makeup Trends: "Natural Clean Romanticism"

Embrace your natural beauty and feel that inner confidence within 2021’s makeup trends!


Makeup heightens a sense of confidence within every bride. Even those who do not wear makeup on a daily basis tend to opt in on their wedding day. While every bride’s individuality plays a key role in what they choose to do for makeup, every year there are new trends to help inspire and create visions for the bride and her makeup artist.


Professional makeup artist Nichole Lang from N. Lang Artistry describes that her favorite part of the job is “working with each bride to help them get to how THEY want to look and feel as a bride, and seeing the pure joy, and sometimes relief on their face when we have completed their makeup trial. They love that what they see looking back at them in the mirror is them, but the bridal version of them.” Sometimes a bride may not have had a previously good experience with makeup, and thus has hesitancy towards it. Lang explains her position with the bride as sort of a partnership to help achieve the bride’s vision for their big day. 


2021 summer bride Hannah Perry said that she opted in for having her makeup done professionally after being in a friend’s bridal party who had a makeup artist do the makeup of all of her bridesmaids. It added to her confidence and she knew she wanted that feeling for herself and her bridesmaids on her own wedding day. 


Lang often encourages a bride to come in with a couple of photos of what they want, and sits down with them to discuss what the bride likes or dislikes about each look. “Based on all of those details (plus more) I make my recommendation. I ALWAYS like to start softer and work our way deeper…adding on depth in waves is great because we reach a point of comfortability together.”


One of the main trends seen in 2021 by Lang was a striving for creating elevated natural beauty. “This year’s bride (most of the time, remember, every bride is different) is natural clean romanticism…beautiful definition and perfecting while still feeling elevated and bridal…neutral tones to create that perfect look.” 


2021 fall bride Sarah Beth Clement exhibited her attention towards this trend very well within her own decisions for her wedding day look. Clement, who also has done bridal makeup for others in the past, chose to do her own makeup. Taking into consideration the season of her wedding as well as her own inclinations, she decided on the look that was best for her. Clement said that: “Since it was a fall wedding, I knew my wedding colors would be earth tones, and based on my skin tone, I prefer wearing neutrals and berry colors.” Her inclination towards neutrals and berry colors matches many trends of 2021.


Perry also exhibited an inclination towards this trend of the natural bride as well. Perry explained that: “I’m not a person who wears a lot of makeup, even for special occasions. For my wedding day, though, I knew that I wanted to feel confident in how my face would appear in pictures. I arrived at my specific look through asking to look natural, freckles and all, but nice for the pictures. My makeup look ended up being very soft and natural. She used dark eyeshadow instead of eyeliner, for example. I also asked for a shimmery highlighter to make me feel sparkly. She somehow convinced me to use false eyelashes too, which I had never worn, but looked amazing in the pictures.” 


The trend for eyes in 2021 involved a small amount of glitter and other techniques to help the eyes pop. Lang said: “The eye look is normally lighter in the inner half of the eye to a gradual deeper on the outer half of the eye, with a deep brown liner that is slightly smudged to create a soft defined look without being too dramatic. Natural lashes are very popular, and are applied after the applied waterproof mascara has set.” Echoing Perry’s comment about the desire for a bit of sparkle, Lang also added that brides are choosing to add a very fine dusting of glitter to their eyes. Although the glitter is sometimes hardly noticeable, it helps to brighten the eyes a bit more.


Alongside a desire for a more natural look, Lang said that brows were another huge trend for 2021. This look was achieved by having the brows “Softly sculpted with some color, then hairs brushed to perfection with clear brow gel.”


Regardless of trends, the most important outcome is that you feel like the prettiest version of yourself. Makeup helps you to bring out your inner beauty and flaunt it with confidence. Clement commented about how doing her makeup made her feel sheer joy in looking her absolute best. “All in all, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more beautiful. I had so much support and love from my bridal party which made me feel beautiful and loved inside. This helped me feel like royalty when it came to the outside. I allotted almost 2 hours to spend doing my makeup and touch ups so that I could take my time and really make it mine. I’m so thankful I chose to do my own makeup because it feels like such a special memory. I get to look at photos and think, “I did that. That’s me.” It’s a sense of pride and joy that I don’t think I would’ve had if I hired somebody else.” 


In contrast Perry, who does not regularly use makeup, was very pleased with her experience of hiring a professional makeup artist. “The experience made me feel ready to have a million pictures taken of my face. I didn’t love the feeling of someone putting products on my face, but it was worth it in the end. I felt like a picture-perfect version of myself when she was finished.” 


Feeling like the picture perfect version of yourself elevates your confidence and allows you to shine like the star you are on your wedding day. At the end of the day you are still you, and that is a thing to be celebrated. Lang commented about the importance of remembering your own skin while working on your makeup planning. “I do like to stress, having pores and/or lines is normal! Many looks online have been heavily edited or smoothed out so they look perfect, but the reality of it is, you’re going to look amazing and perfected, but your skin will still be your skin, and it is beautifully you!”


Author: Hope Merrill. Photo of Sarah Beth Clement by Bailey Cecile Tyler.