A Delightful DIY Sign Tutorial

The Solution To Your DIY Dilemma

DIY signs have been a wedding trend for the past 5 years. The rustic wedding trend has risen 40% due to the complications of COVID-19. This is why you should have DIY signs at your wedding: It is cost-efficient, you will make meaningful, heartfelt memories, have the bragging rights of being artistically gifted, and lastly, no one knows what you like better than you. If you are new to DIY and or lack the artistic flair of some of your friends, this is the perfect craft for you. Put your reading glasses on, pour yourself some tea, and get ready your friends to have wedding envy as you begin your DIY journey.

-A stained wooden sign.
-Acrylic white paint.
-X-Acto knife.
-Medium paintbrush.
-Small paintbrush.
-Free printables(just type in free printables in your search engine).
-Polycrylic in satin.
-A cutting board.
-A printer.
-Full sheet of removable labels.

-Download and print the appropriate printable on a full sheet of a removable label.
-Place the printable on top of a cutting board and cut out the letters with an x-acto knife. Be sure to trace all letters carefully to get the most clean-cut possible.
-Carefully peel the letters.
-Place your cut out on your wooden sign by taking the back off. Make sure the lettering is smooth with no air pockets.
-Start painting with a medium-sized brush. Be sure to paint away and not toward the edges. You will need 2 coats of paint.
-Carefully pull off the stencil and make any touch-ups with a small paintbrush.
-After an hour of drying, apply polyacrylic in satin on the lettering keeping the same direction.
-Repeat these same steps to add additional flair. You can find almost any design online! Just use different colored paint.


Author: Nicholette Marbley