An Interview with Wedding Photography Duo Rainstorm Photo

“Love is selflessness. It’s putting someone else above yourself. It’s choosing to see each other’s hearts in every situation regardless of what words are being said. It’s not having to hide but placing your full trust in each other.” -Kaitlyn Lehman

Meet Kaitlyn and Stephen Lehman of Rainstorm Photo; a husband and wife photography duo based out of Northwest Indiana. The couple capture weddings and photograph lifestyle adventure sessions both cross country and internationally. Meet the lovers turned photographers below!

NEOW Mag: How did the two of you meet?

Rainstorm: We met at a meet up of about 60 photographers in a forest in Toledo, OH. We traveled from West Virginia (Kaitlyn) and Indiana (Stephen) on a whim. We followed each other’s Instagram posts for a year before meeting up again (a 6.5-hour drive one way) and going on our first date. We were engaged about six months after our first date and married six months after that. We have been married almost a year and a half. 

NEOW Mag: Did you face any challenges during your engagement, wedding or wedding planning?

Rainstorm:  When Stephen proposed, I (Kaitlyn) was on staff at a youth missions’ organization four and a half hours away from Stephen. I was very involved in the community and helping restore an old mansion for the organization, so I did not have much time to plan for the wedding. I didn’t move to the same area as Stephen (also where we’d be having the wedding) until two months before the wedding so we did most of the planning then. At first, I was stressed every day, and it felt like Stephen’s way of making it better was just taking my mind off the planning and getting me to quit. This was nice, but at the same time I had a lot of work to do! He ended up throwing together a checklist for each day leading up to the wedding. This changed everything! We were finally a team and I was so excited to marry him because I knew how much he cared. When we finished what was on the agenda for the day then we could take a break and not have to worry about the rest that needed done. Other than the actual wedding planning we did go through a lot of trials in our relationship leading up to marriage. I’m so glad we didn’t wait to get married though. When you get married quickly, you just have to get through everything in your relationship much quicker than if you had a longer relationship before marriage. Marriage is a serious commitment so once you are engaged, it brings a new level of seriousness and sometimes that just means learning to work things out well.

N: What advice would you have for couples going through a similar situation?

R: If you’re wedding planning we DEFINITELY recommend coming up with a checklist together and getting unified. Obviously, some things are more important to girls than guys but just showing that you care is a big deal. Another bit of advice we’d give is to not be afraid of a little bit of turbulence. Always begin with the end in mind, keeping sight of the goal which is not just to get married but to stay married until “death do us part.”

N: Let’s shift the focus to your talented photography company comprised of husband and wife. What inspired the creation of Rainstorm Photo?

R: Photography is what brought us together and how we most often channel our creative energy. When we were planning our wedding/marriage, it only made sense to merge our two photography outlets into one. We got the name, Rainstorm Photo by merging my (Kaitlyn’s) favorite phenomenon, RAINbows, with Stephen’s favorite, thunderSTORMs.

N: How cute! Do most of the weddings you photograph follow a theme or is there a variety in the weddings you shoot?

R: We do shoot a variety of weddings in many different states and even other countries. Although you will see a variety in our work, a common thread in couples we work with are unconventional, adventurous, and laid back.

N: What are your favorite parts about being wedding photographers?

R: Witnessing two people with two different lives forging into one will never get old. We personally love marriage more than any of our time dating and engaged. We are the biggest advocates that marriage only gets better with time. We believe this sentiment needs to be spread more than it is. When you believe it, it will come out in your actions and prove to be true in your marriage. We fight to capture every important moment the whole day long because our photographers did that for us, and it meant the world to us to have such precious memories on such a significant day.

N: Dating, engagement and marriage all fall under the broad umbrella of love. What does love mean to you specifically?

R: Love is selflessness. It’s putting someone else above yourself. It’s choosing to see each other’s heart in every situation regardless of what words are being said. It’s not having to hide but placing your full trust in each other.

N: What a wonderful way to see such a beautiful concept. What is the sweetest story behind any weddings you have photographed that you’d like to leave our readers with?

R: We once captured a first look where the groom re-proposed to his bride. He told us the first time he proposed was very informal, and he wanted to do it right. Seeing him down on one knee when he clearly didn’t need to was very moving. You could see his heart for his bride in that moment, willing to serve her and love her.

N: What a fantastic little anecdote! Thank you for gracing Instagram with your images and the lives of those whose favorite moments you so beautifully captured.

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Author: Wendy Pineda