Beautiful Boudoir with Blush Bloom Studios

Feeling Stunning with Cassie Trebar of Blush Bloom Boudoir

So much of planning a wedding is for other people. From what they will eat to the music they would like, but this is something that’s just for you.


Blush Bloom Boudoir is a photography business run by Cassandra Trebar. Cassie specializes in boudoir and only takes six to eight clients a month so that every woman she works with has her full attention and energy.


“I’m really focused on the experience of the woman” Cassie said.


Women who have done boudoir shoots with Cassie in the past have been brides, expecting moms and women just looking to find themselves and get beautiful pictures done. A boudoir shoot with Blush Bloom Boudoir is all about investing in yourself. A big part of a photo-shoot with Cassie is the over-all experience. Everything is taken care of by Cassie and her team, including a room full of outfits for all shapes and sizes, a wardrobe consult prior to your session, professional hair and makeup by Taran Calhoun of American Beauty Artistry and luxury artwork designed with your images after the session. Cassie also specializes in personalizing the experience for every woman by creating  images in lingerie, beautiful dresses, and fine art nudes for ladies depending on their personal preference.


“I’ve never been the photographer to only shoot one type of person because all women are beautiful and deserving of seeing their beauty” Cassie said. “My average client is a size 18 or larger.”


While booking a boudoir shoot can be intimidating, Cassie said that five to ten minutes in that initial fear dissipates and ladies feel much more comfortable. After their boudoir experience, clients have the option for their pictures to be kept private or to show them off to the world and celebrate themselves via Cassie’s social media or website. Cassie said one of her clients couldn’t imagine showing the pictures to anyone when she first came in but by the time she got her book, she showed it to another client hanging out at the studio and was so excited to share her beautiful images.


Some of Cassie’s clients even come in expecting to hate the pictures. They initially decide to do the session just to gain confidence and face their fears, however, they always leave with gorgeous pictures of themselves that they love.


“It takes 30 seconds to sign up and it takes 30 more seconds to walk in the door and take it off. If you can manage a minute to trust me, I promise all those fears will completely melt away” Cassie said.


As a body positive photographer Cassie doesn’t do “bodyshaping” or photoshop out rolls or stretch marks on her clients, because real bodies are what make women uniquely and beautifully themselves.


“If you come in at a size 16, you will leave as a size 16” Cassie said. “This is what you look like and this is what your husband or wife sees every single day and there is no point in trying to change that.”


By not altering bodies, Cassie hopes to send the message to her clients that their bodies are perfect and they need to learn to love them. One piece of her advice on self-love is to look at your pictures like they were pictures of your best friend because you are always your own worst critic.


“There are so many people that grew up never having anyone tell them they’re worth it” Cassie said. “I’m teaching people that they are and that’s the entire experience.”


Through her art, Cassie has created a community of body positive and like-minded women who want to celebrate their bodies no matter their size. To expand this community, she started teaching self-love workshops four times a year called the Blush Bloom Body Love Workshop.


Every workshop starts with a micro shoot designed to get over the initial fear of wearing lingerie in front of a camera. The group environment is all about women’s empowerment and a workshop is a great first step for someone who isn’t ready for a solo shoot.


“Come in with an open-mind and trust me” Cassie said. “I know how to pose every body, and I will coach you through the entire experience.”


At Blush Bloom’s body love workshops, Cassie sees size 0’s and size 24’s alike talking about their body image issues, and often they are the same issues. The body positivity movement has helped bring this to light.


 “I love that the body positivity movement is showing women that this is not something they are alone in” Cassie said. “I see the movement pulling people together and making women feel more supported and that’s exactly what the world needs.”

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Author: Zoe Stitzer