Big White Dress Doesn’t do it for You? Here are some Great Alternatives

This is your wedding day. Yours. Not your mom’s, not your sister’s, but yours. Brides are always pictured to wear a long, white gown with a long, white veil when walking down the aisle, and we have had this image in our heads ever since we were little, right? It is incredibly important you feel beautiful on your wedding day, so if a big, white ball gown isn’t your thing, then don’t wear one! Your comfort, your confidence, and how you feel on your day overall is top priority so it’s ok to find something stylish that suits  your personality. Let’s toss aside the stereotypical wedding gowns and talk about some alternatives.

  • Jumpsuit

This can be perfect for anyone who just doesn’t do dresses. It could be perfect for same-sex marriages, or someone who just doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of picking up their dress every time they want to move.

  • Romper

A similar take on the jumpsuit, a romper could be a cute outfit if you’re not into the frilly, poofy dresses but also want to stay cool. Designers have come out with lots of different options now, from lace to bling or even just modern and simple.

  • Cocktail Dresses

Short dresses can be more casual and definitely more budget-friendly. There are lot of different styles so you can still be a girly bride, but not have the long train to constantly worry about as you dance the night away.

  • Colored Dresses

This can be a super fun and quirky twist to the typical wedding dress. It can definitely brighten the overall mood and vibe of the wedding, and make the bride stand out even more.

  1. Repurpose a dress that you already have

Love something that you already own?  According to Vogue Australia, British actress Keira Knightley wore a Chanel dress that she already had in her closet, and you can too.

Author: Mallory Gibson