Bridesmaids: What Gift Should You Get For the Bride?

Bridesmaids: What Gift Should You Get For the Bride?

Bachelorette Party Ideas

A bride’s last night as a single woman should never be taken lightly. It is the one last fling before getting the ring and it should be unforgettable. The bride-to-be in your life is busy securing every detail of her wedding, so it is up to you to celebrate her in style. Spice up the bachelorette party with these few simple surprises and make this night one she will remember for the rest of her life.

Spa Till Ya’ Fall

Your bride is probably expecting a long night out with her besties, but why not surprise her with a different kind of pre-game? One that involves facials, manicures, and maybe even a full body massage. After all, she is about to have the biggest day of her life and deserves it. In the meantime, she will probably be thankful she can check a few beauty to do’s off her list. The bonus factor about a spa day is you get to enjoy a relaxing day with your bride and de-stress any worries off your mind.

Celebrity Appearance

Not everyone can have connections to Beyoncé, but certainly everyone has their Beyoncé. This may be a person who your bride already assumed could not make it to the party due to distance or a scheduling conflict. The best part about this idea is that you get to record her reaction when this special guest arrives. Sometimes it may be difficult to arrange such a surprise because distance and or scheduling conflicts do in fact come to play. So, be sure to plan your VIP guests’ trip months in advance and have all the bridesmaids pitch in to help cover the cost. If nothing else, ask your bride’s spouse-to-be to help pitch in too. After all, it is all about making the bride happy.

The Gift of Giving

Nothing says I love you like a special memento for your bride to keep. This item does not have to be pricey and could even be homemade. Depending on preference, this could be a physical object or intangible idea ranging anywhere from a personalized scrapbook, Snapchat filter, or charm bracelet. Create even more of a personal touch by styling your wedding crew with matching shirts or hats. Running out of time for gift ideas? Have the wedding party hand write your bride loving letters and messages. No matter what you give she will be overwhelmed with joy and appreciative of your efforts.

Groom In and Out

Be sure to surprise your bride with a sneak appearance from the spouse-to-be. If possible, arrange for the other half of the wedding party to meet up for a quick greet or have the spouse pick up your bride at the end of the evening. Surely your bride will enjoy her last night as a bachelorette, but a surprise appearance will top off the night. Sometimes a less personal appearance may be even more spectacular. Perhaps set up a pre-planned Facetime call, pre-recorded video message, or maybe a personal delivery. Remember, this is a surprise! As hard as it may be sometimes, keep this a secret from your bride to really make the appearance the cherry on top.






Author: Emily Dugan