Five Ways to Propose to Your Groomsmen Party

Five Ways to Propose to Your Groomsmen Party

When it comes to asking your bridal party to be a part of your big day, we have ideas for all types of personalities. Whether you want to embarrass your friends, give them a gift they like, or something that makes them sparkle, we have a few ideas that may get your creative imagination revving.

For the Casual Groom

There is nothing wrong with a simple text to invite. In fact, it is the quickest way to invite your friends. Just because you are inviting with a text does not mean it has to be boring or straight forward. Hit them with a funny pick up line or an inside joke. Check out a few examples below. 

  1. I have one decision I’m allowed to make at this wedding. I really don’t want to screw it up. Will you be my groomsman?
  2. I found my girl, but now I need my boys. Will you be my groomsman?
  3. Let me start with this. There will be beer. Will you be my best man?

For the Cheesy Groom

Let your love truly show for your groomsmen with a surprise flower delivery. To really embarrass them make sure the flowers are delivered at a crucial moment in time. For example, as they are working out at the gym, when they are at a work meeting, or out for a night with friends. Make sure to personalize the flowers with a special note asking them to check yes or no to being your groomsman. 

For the Bottle Lover

This route may get a little expensive depending on how expensive of a taste your friends have. However, it makes for a quick one-stop-shop at the nearest liquor or grocery store. If a full-sized bottle for everyone is out of your budget, purchase the mini bottles (this adds humor to the gift too). If you are feeling extra you can create personalized labels to stick on each bottle. If not, just cut out square papers and make your own label. You can make an entire box out of this groomsmen proposal. Add a cigar and pair of socks to go all out!

For the Beard Guy

Beards are trending more so than ever. Grooms are going as far as creating a bouquet of flowers within their beard. For those who aren’t quite ready to take that step, beard oil is a good starting point. Give each of your groomsmen a grooming kit including beard oil. Not only is this a cool way to ask your party, but you are assuring they will look nice and spiffy for your wedding day. Which of course makes wifey happy. 

For the Oddball

There are millions of ways to send or ask a message, but nothing stands out like a potato message. Invite your best spuds to the wedding with a simple message on a potato. Yup, not much more to it. You can get creative with where you put the potato. You can send it to them, or sneak it into the front seat of their car before work. Put it in their mailbox or maybe just throw it at them. Whichever way it happens, just know that no one can turn down a potato invite.


Author: Emily Dugan