When Family & Friends Fly In

Gifts for Out-Of-Town Guests

We all know traveling can be hectic and expensive, even if it is just a town over. But it gets crazier when the travel is due to a special event, like a wedding.

So, to help your wedding guests out a bit here is a list of some ideas to leave at your guests’ hotel room when they arrive.

Image Credit: Pexels

1) Water

When traveling, people are usually so caught up in the packing, arrival, airport stress that they forget to hydrate.

And while exploring their new place or going to see attractions, they get distracted.

You can leave them a bottle of water to provide something to either drink upon arrival or to take on their adventures.

2) Pain killer

A pain killer or like Advil or Tylenol is also a great thing to leave to your guests.

Everyone knows that sleeping on a new bed can be uncomfortable and that a lot of times, headaches come when they’re least expected.

Leaving a pain killer for your guests could be a lifesaver, especially if they forgot their own.

3) Snacks (Protein bars, nuts, pretzels, etc)

One of the things that can be exasperating about traveling is not knowing when you will eat next.

Whether it is because you don’t know when restaurants or supermarkets open, people in your group just aren’t hungry when you are.

They may come hungry from the airport or get distracted and forget to eat, sometimes we do go back to the hotel room hungry.

Leave some snacks for your family and they will thank you.

4) Gift cards to nearby places

If the budget allows, you could also think about getting gift cards for your out-of-town guests.

It could be to nearby restaurants that you think are great, stores you think your guests might enjoy, or perhaps even local attractions.

Gift cards are a good way to get your guests started on visiting places and get them out of the hotel.

Image Credit: Pexels

5) Brochures and Maps

Another way to help your guests go out and about, as well as help them navigate the area, is to leave them brochures and maps of where they are staying.

Nothing is scarier than going somewhere new and not knowing where everything is.

Although sometimes getting lost or just walking around is alright, many people prefer to have some type of guiding tool to help them navigate a new place, especially when it comes to finding food and entertainment.

You could also have your guests use the maps and brochures to do a fun scavenger hunt of your favorite places in town.

6) Mini bottles of wine or sparkling cider

Wine can be a great gift to lift moods and create a fun atmosphere. Giving your guests something to wind down with allows them to relax and be ready to dance the night away.

7) Bath salts

Although not a common gift, you could also add bath salts to your gifts. Your guests can use it to relax after a long day out or take then with them to enjoy at home.

Gifting encompasses a world of endless possibilities. Don’t just follow the crowd, be creative, have fun and enjoy this fun time.

Author: Daila Ayala