Wedding Makeup…It’s Not just for the Ladies Anymore!

Today’s groom is putting his best face forward for his wedding pictures through a seemingly unconventional method. What was once considered only part of the bride’s photography preparation is also becoming her soon-to-be husband’s.

The key to better wedding photos is makeup.

According to professional makeup artist and stylist Maggie Paridon at MKleinman Artistry, grooms requesting makeup looks are becoming more notable in the wedding industry.

“I think it’s becoming more popular within the last couple years or so because it’s important for men’s skin and face to look great in their photos,” Paridon said. “Men are becoming more willing to use skincare products, and it definitely helps with the texture and tone of their skin.”

Concealing problem acne or correcting dark under eye circles can go a long way on camera mentions freelance makeup artist Aileen Moore.

“Photography is so much better now. So even if they’re not trying to wear makeup for a statement, just understanding that a little bit of makeup really does improve the pictures is the biggest thing,” Moore said.

The process of achieving a photo ready face starts before makeup application. It’s vital to prepare the skin before cosmetics are applied.

“I would start with eye cream, a moisturizer and maybe a serum if they’re extra dry,” Paridon said. “You can’t really just put makeup on top of skin. Prepping the skin for makeup is definitely important.”
A groom who integrates skincare products like serums or a moisturizer into his daily routine before picture day will have noticeably better makeup coverage.

“Skincare is important for everybody because makeup can only do so much,” Moore said. “Cleansing, toning and moisturizing every day twice a day could really improve the overall look and feel of the skin.”
Once the skin is prepped, cosmetics can correct a wide range of problem areas. However, the extent of one’s makeup application varies from man to man.

“It really depends on the groom specifically,” Moore said. “I’ve had everything from just a bit of powder to eliminate shine to covering dark under eyes to filling in sparse brows and even sparse beards.”
The cost to have a groom’s full face done by a makeup artist can be anywhere from $20 to $85, but there are products one could use at home as well.

“I like Mac Cosmetics a lot and they are definitely gender friendly.” Paridon said. “I love their Studio Finish Concealer. It’s my personal favorite for men because it mimics the look of skin and it’s not going to look drying, but it’s also not going to look super glowy.”

Even if a groom is not ready to dip his toe into the world of cosmetics, there are a variety of other beauty treatments available to make him more photogenic.

Hair maintenance such as waxing, coloring or getting an entirely new haircut are a few of the non-makeup options Salon Lost owner Nadla Avukhaled recommends for men.

“And some of them [grooms] get keratin treatments,” Avukhaled said. “It’s an anti-frizz, hair straightening treatment.”

A facial can also be a great choice for men who don’t want a daily skincare routine.

“Anything that’s going to be moisturizing or help with any type of discoloration or scarring like a hydrafacial or sometimes a series of chemical peels or just a brightening, refreshing facial is good,” Paridon said.
From hiding acne spots to making facial hair look fuller, makeup can work wonders on a groom to provide him the best quality wedding photos. As stated by Aileen Moore, “Grooms want to look their best just as much as the brides do.”

Photo by: Tara Moore

Author: Arianna Shapiro