It’s Still Your Day!

It's Still Your Day


With COVID-19 causing cancellations in nearly all aspects of everyday life, couples all over the country have had to put their wedding plans on hold. While Gov. Mike Dewine has not officially ordered that weddings be postponed, countless brides and grooms-to-be have made the devastating decision to reschedule in light of the health crisis.

Trevor McDonald and Jamie Dykes were set to be married on April 24 at a studio space in Columbus, but with the stay-at-home order extension, their journey had been turned on its head.

“We decided that we still want to keep our date, make things official and be married on that day, then postpone the reception,” said McDonald, “But basically, it was like planning a whole new wedding that is only including our immediate family, best man and best woman.”

The couple instead hosted their wedding ceremony at their home, limiting guests to ten or so people. Despite this, there were still feelings of sadness after they had to downsize their plans.

“I know that when the day gets here, it’s going to be a very special day, but it’s also going to be kind of disappointing. So while yes, it’s going to be great that we still get to have our day with those we hold closest to us, it is a little bitter that we had this whole thing in mind and we know it won’t be coming to life,” said McDonald.

While Dykes and McDonald chose to continue on with their wedding, they are feeling just as devastated as the countless brides and grooms across the world that have had a similar change in plans. Whether the wedding is cancelled, postponed or changed to be digital, it’s important to remember that the feeling of disappointment is totally natural. Nothing about these times is normal and it’s okay to feel negative, even about your wedding day.

“We had a lot of enthusiasm going into this and then it just got shut down,” said Dykes.

Dykes and McDonald aren’t the only ones who have been affected. Bride-to-be Katie Vu has experienced similar problems. Her Charleston-style wedding at Alhambra Hall was scheduled for April 11, but has since been postponed until September 13.

“It was going to be a celebration of all of us coming together and for this to finally happen because we’ve been dating for nine years this April,” said Vu, “ It was just a long time coming, so I think that’s why I was super disappointed when we had to reschedule. It’s something I have been dreaming of for the longest time and with all this coming up, it was heartbreaking.”

Even after rescheduling her big day, Vu is already planning to practice social distancing at the reception. She said they will be decreasing the number of people per table, eliminating finger foods and reusable cups, doing extra cleaning and providing plenty of hand sanitizer for their guests.

Her advice, “I know this is really heartbreaking and I completely understand how you’re feeling, but you know, everything works out how it’s supposed to and just how exciting is that going to be that you get to enjoy your engagement that much longer and celebrate when the time is right. It’s going to be that much more exciting when the time comes.”

The journeys of these two couples reflect that of countless brides and grooms across the world. For all the couples whose weddings have been cancelled, their stories share that you are not alone and that it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling.

There are several different options you can choose as an alternative to rescheduling your wedding day. Like McDonald and Dykes, you can host a small, at-home wedding and postpone the big reception or you can get married just the two of you with a virtual officiator. Big receptions can be converted to drive-by parades or video calls and in-person receptions can be downsized to include only immediate family. Be sure to wear masks, provide lots of sanitizer and minimize contact through foods and touch.

Whether you are choosing to reschedule or postpone, downsize the wedding party or host a virtual wedding, just remember it is still your day.

McDonald advised, “Keep in mind that no matter what, you’ll still be married, everything else was just, you know, glitz and glamour and flare. The most important part of it is that you sign your wedding certificate, you say I do and you can be getting to the rest of your life together.”

Author: Emma Stefanick