Latest Food Trends to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

Latest Food Trends to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

Coming up with ways to personalize and add a unique touch to the traditional wedding food can be challenging. Everyone has the classic meal and wedding cake but there are some other ways you can spice up your options. Here are the latest creative food trends you may want to incorporate into your special day.


Grazing Tables

Grazing tables are essentially a table filled with an array of finger foods for guests to “graze” about and enjoy. You can have anything from different cheeses and meats to fruits, veggies, and dips. These can often be provided by your caterer if you ask or you can even DIY your own grazing table.


Cultural Themed Foods

In the past, tradition was for the dinner menu to be relatively the same across all weddings, however, this is changing with cuisine from different cultures. If your family is Greek, or even if you just love Greek food, you can incorporate some Greek foods such as gyros or baklava into your menu. Any cultural dish is sure to wow your guests and their taste buds. 


Dessert Stations

Who said you have to stick to cake to tame a sweet tooth? Dessert stations are the new trendy way to provide an array of dessert options to please any guest. Many include mini cupcakes, donuts, macaroons, cheesecakes, or your favorite desserts. It’s a great way to add a personal touch and switch up tradition while still enjoying your special cake.


Milk and Cookie Station

Offering a plethora of cookie flavors and milk to dunk them in is sure to steal the hearts of any aged guest. You can incorporate your favorite flavors and even spice it up further by adding in different types of cookies such as Oreos or shortbread. 


Family Style

Bored of the classic buffet or plated dinner styles? Try the new family style trend that will bring your guests together. This style is where guests pass around the main dishes of the meal in the same way as families do at a family dinner. This is a unique and fun way to change up your wedding dinner. Guests can stay seated while still enjoying the benefits of the buffet style selection. 


Specialty Bars

This is another fun way to incorporate your personal touches into the food and drinks. Have a favorite cocktail? Your guests are sure to love this special spot at your reception where you can serve your favorite drinks. You can even have it be a coffee or hot chocolate bar, whatever your cup of tea may be. 

Author: Sami Smith