Lockdown Love: How to Keep Your Love Alive During the Quarantine

Lockdown Love: How to Keep Your Love Alive During the Quarantine



We are living in unprecedented times. With social distancing, business closures, and so much uncertainty it may be a very stressful time for you and your partner. We here at Northeast Ohio Weddings want you to know we feel for you, and have come up with eight at home date ideas to keep your love alive during quarantine. 


Spa Day

Most people right now are beyond stressed out. The best way to deal with this stress is through a spa day, and what better way to have a spa day than to make it a spa date? Bust out the lotions and essential oils because a perfect date during this time is to have a relaxing, at-home spa retreat with your partner. You could take turns being each other’s masseuse, or nail technician. Guided meditations and couples’ yoga tutorials from Youtube can also help you relax. Offering to help your loved one feel relaxed and calm at this time will certainly keep the spark alive during your quarantine together.


Movie Night 

If you are craving that familiarity of a typical movie night date, you can easily create one in the comfort of your own home. With a little elbow grease in the arts and crafts, you can create a cute little movie stub to give to your partner to invite them on the date. Write the time and location of the date, along with whatever movie you want to watch from Netflix. You and your partner can get dressed up in your movie-watching gear, whether that be a nice dress or sweatpants, and have a movie date in your own living room.


Graphics design idea: a little movie stub illustration that maybe says “Theatre: Living Room Couch, time: 7pm, movie: The Shawshank Redemption” or something like that 


Formal Dinner 

If you want to go the more traditional route, a formal dinner is a perfect date idea during lockdown. Many small businesses and restaurants are being hit hard during this time, so ordering take out is a wonderful way to let them know you still support them. You can order from you and your partner’s favorite restaurant, put on a formal outfit, and sit at the dinner table together to enjoy your meal. Light a few candles, lay down a nice tablecloth, and you’re ready to go!  Not only does this elevated level of sophistication add extra romance to your relationship, it is also a great date to help you forget about the troubles of the world around you.


Cooking Together 

Alternatively, if you and your partner want to have a more interactive date with one another, you can start from scratch and cook your own dinner. Many people have stockpiled food in their homes, in case there is an apocalypse, so there could be extra food lying around just waiting to be made into a delicious meal. You can put an episode of Chopped on in the background as you make lasagna from scratch, or just boil up some water for Mac-N-Cheese. No matter how much culinary skill you exhibit during your date, this is a sure-fire way to add some fun to your relationship during such stressful times. 


Game Night 

While you may be bored at home with nothing to occupy your time besides worrying about the current state of the world, a great way to distract yourself is through games. Encourage yourself and your partner to break out the board games, puzzles, or video games to help take your mind off of stress. If you want to get competitive with it, you can create a bracket for you and your partner to complete, checking off who wins what game. In the end, whoever wins the most games owes the other person a meal or a movie of their choice. Ignore your daily troubles as you dive into Monopoly, Super Smash Bros, or Scrabble and help keep stress low between you and your loved one. 



While it may not be advised to leave your house during this time, that doesn’t mean you can’t sight-see with your partner. Bring some chairs next to your window and relax as you watch the world in front of you. You can watch the sky, the birds, and the trees as you take time to appreciate nature outside of your window. Maybe incorporating a meditation or mindfulness practice into your sightseeing can help keep stress low and love alive between you and your partner. 


Fashion Show 

 lot of times, people fall into a slump during this quarantine. People don’t leave the house so they don’t feel they need to dress up. However, to add a refreshing date to your lockdown, you can have a fashion show with your partner. No matter if your wedding is coming up soon or not, it is still fun to dress up and throw a dance party with your loved one. Put on your fanciest outfit, or play a game where you pick an outfit for your partner. This change of pace and clothing can give you a revitalizing feel as you navigate the uncharted waters of the world today. 


Exercise Date

This final date idea may scare some people, but once you do it you will feel great. Exercise dates are a trendy new date idea that many people are afraid to try. What’s a more romantic sight than you and your partner both sweaty and out of breath from doing mountain climbers? In all seriousness, it is important for both your mind and your body to stay healthy and active during this time, so an exercise date is a great motivator to do so. Do some couple’s yoga or follow a workout routine together in your house, and afterwards you will feel much more lively and healthy. 


We know that with everything going on in the world right now, there isn’t a lot of positivity being spread. However, making your lockdown fun with your loved one can tremendously improve your love for one another and help make these stressful times a little easier. 

Author: Ava Shaffer