Tattoo Traditions; Swapping Traditional Wedding Bands for Something Even More Permanent Than Marriage

In the age of technology, taboos and tattoos comes broken barriers and new conventions. Challenging one cultural norm at a time, younger generations are pushing out the old and embracing the new when it comes to the traditional wedding approach changing everything from hair, dress and cake to the sacred symbol of marriage-the ring.


According to In the Loupe Volume VII by Carrie Fox, ancient Egyptians are said to have created the concept of wedding rings over 3,000 years ago. To the Egyptians, the circle symbolizes endless love. In addition, the ring finger is said to have a vein connected directly to the heart. Through these beliefs, the symbol of marriage was born.

The ring has been transformed throughout the years and can take form through a variety of precious metals-most notably silver and gold. Millennial’s on the other non-marriage hand, have other ideas of displaying their lasting affections in a manner even more permanent than marriage.

Tattooed wedding bands.

Many are making pit stops at the tattoo parlor before the wedding or on their way to their honeymoons, and they’re not stopping at tattooed wedding bands.

Initials, anniversary dates, wedding dates, names, written symbols/characters and matching designs are also deemed appropriate substitutions for the diamond ring and are catching on rapidly.

Big name celebrities such as Beyoncé, Behati Prinsloo, and David Beckham are dawning symbols on their wedding hands and fingers to express their love. Often having to remove their jewelry for shoots or games, having the symbols there are like having the ring without the ring.

David Beckham tattoo
Beyoncé tattoo

“I just wanted it on my ring finger so when I take [my engagement and wedding rings] off, it’s still there!” Behati says in an interview with Yahoo Style.

Behati Prinsloo tattoo

What do you think? Will you be sticking to traditions? Or will you hop on the new wave of wedding tattoos? Whatever you decide to choose, may your love be infinitely special and everlasting.


Author: Wendy Pineda