Moving In or Moving Out: What Newlyweds Should Know Before Buying a House

When it comes to planning a wedding, the list of decisions to be made is about a mile long. Even after all of the wedding decisions are made, couples then have to think about the honeymoon. After the honeymoon is planned, couples then have to decide where they will be living after they get married.

Moving out, or in, to a new place can be stressful, time consuming m and costly. After all, purchasing a house will be the biggest financial purchase most adults make in their entire lives. Some couples choose to buy a house together before they get married while others buy a house a few years after they get married. Some couples already live together when they get engaged, so there’s no need to move, yet others are torn in disagreement on whose apartment they should move into. Deciding where to live is a big decision that should be well-thought-out.

Michele Razdrh, a Loan Officer with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, who often works with first-time home buyers, notes the importance of planning ahead. “Even if you don’t buy right away, still explore your options so you can plan and be prepared,” Razdrh said. Some ways to be prepared involve looking at your financial situation as newlyweds. For instance, it is important to look at your jobs, whether they are full time and stable and whether either of you plan to relocate for a job within the next few years. Besides occupation, Razdrh explained that it is equally as important to look at your credit history, whether you have any credit card debt and if you have any student loans.

Loan officers,like Razdrh, can help couples work through their finances and help better prepare them for purchasing a home. By visiting a loan officer before a realtor, the loan officers can help you be better prepared for your mortgage and they can help solve any existing problems before you get involved in the home buying process. Razdrh notes that every couple is different, so the specifics always vary based off what each couple wants. While she did mention that visiting a loan officer about six months before you want to buy a house is an ideal time frame, Razdrh clarified that visiting earlier than six months can be even more beneficial. “Couples oftentimes will spend a year-plus planning their wedding, so they should do the same when preparing to buy a house,” Razdrh said.

After figuring out the financial logistics, it is important for couples to then find a realtor. Susan Flood, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Schmidt, notes that realtors can help couples prepare their house to sell and help them find their future home. “Before buyers even begin looking, it is important that they make a list of wants and needs and then they hone those into the top three most important items,” Flood said. Once this is figured out, Flood noted the importance of talking with a lender and then figuring out what type of lifestyle you and your significant other will be living. For instance, if you plan on having children soon, then you may want to consider the school districts. On the other hand, if you and your new spouse enjoy being social and taking part in the night life, then you may want to move closer to shops, bars, and venues.

Besides helping with the buying process, Flood explained that realtors can additionally help couples when they are ready to sell. One of the most important elements that is involved with selling a house is the staging process. “Couples should focus on deep cleaning, decluttering, doing touch ups and the overall drive-up appeal,” Flood said.“It’s also essential that pets have somewhere to go during a house showing because one of the biggest turnoffs for buyers is when they can see or smell the presence of a pet.” Flood noted that when trying to sell, it’s also extremely helpful for individuals to always have their house one step away from being ready to show. This will give you more flexibility with house showings and it will give your realtor more opportunities to show your house to potential buyers.

Perhaps one of the most essential items to consider when purchasing a home is deciding what is most important to you and your significant other. The process of moving can be stressful and can cause unwanted arguments among couples. Zoey Holguin, LMFT, IMFT-S, MSMFT, an Independently Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist- Supervisor, explained that there are many things couples can do during the moving and home buying process that can help stop arguments before they brew out of control.

When both individuals in the relationship already have a place to live, it may be difficult to agree on whose place they should move into. “I think getting a brand new place together is probably ideal, all things being equal,” Holguin said. “You build it together as you are building your relationship together.” However, in some circumstances, moving to a new place is not always feasible. Holguin explains that couples should look at practicality with the two spaces.

“When one person doesn’t want to give up their space and/or the person doesn’t feel comfortable in that other’s space, it signals to me a deeper emotional process going on for each party. It’s a good time to have some honest conversations about those fears in the relationship that aren’t really about the living space,” Holguin said.

She continued on to explain that it is important for each partner to feel heard and for their opinions to be considered. If one person in the relationship “just goes along with it” when making a decision such as where to live, resentment can build up over time.

“Couples comment all the time that it feels like all of a sudden they realize they have a huge problem and it comes out of nowhere but then realize, sometimes too late, that it was the tiny, little cuts that got them to that place,” Holguin expanded. “Premarital couples work is always a good thing. And there doesn’t have to be something broke in order to invest in understanding how you function in a relationship.”

No matter when or where you and your partner plan on moving, don’t forget to utilize the expertise of home-buying professionals. With their assistance, they can make sure that you are prepared to sell your current house and able to find the new home of your dreams. Best of all, these professionals can help make the entire process far less stressful

Author: Written by Emily Warner