New Trends in Wedding Rings

New Trends in Wedding Rings

Most brides want their rings to be unique but that does not stop couples from following the current trends in engagement rings. Since the coronavirus pandemic occurred last year, wedding ring trends have shifted to reflect the new reality.

Local businesses

One of the jewelers who knows firsthand the new trends in wedding rings is Joe Soukenik from Chas S. Rivchun & Sons, Jewelers. Located right in downtown Cleveland, this 104-year-old company works to deliver the finest jewelry to its clients.

“Everything is handpicked. Everything is domestic. But more importantly, we see it beyond just the sale,” Soukenik said. Soukenik’s business aims to have its couples fall in love with its rings since it will be with them forever.

Liza Rifkin, the owner of Liza Michelle Jewelry, shares the same sentiment but with an emphasis on sustainability and customization. “I specialize in bespoke jewelry with an emphasis on unique, ethical, and sustainable pieces that fit both personal style and lifestyle,” Rifkin said. Rifkin walks through the entire process with her clients from inception to final delivery.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, both Soukenik’s and Rifkin’s businesses have managed to flourish with customers seizing the day. In addition, both companies have seen several new trends emerge.

The desire to be unique

According to Pittsburgh Magazine, many couples now want to be involved in the design process of the ring. They want a ring that is customizable to their taste, so they can truly have a unique ring. Both Soukenik and Rifkin agree that their customers value uniqueness highly when choosing their wedding ring.

Kate Menosky, a nurse at Cleveland Clinic, recently wed her husband in January 2021 although they plan to have a larger ceremony in August. Her husband worked with Soukenik to pick out a ring that Menosky would like. It was important to Menosky to have a ring that was simple but unique. She has a solitaire Asscher diamond on a yellow gold band. “I figured it should be something that I would want to wear even in 50 years,” Menosky said.

Megan Arthur felt the same way. Her ring is a center oval with pairs on either side on a gold band. It also has a slight cathedral setting. “I really liked oval stones, and now they’re trending,” Arthur said. “I had that picked out a while ago just because I really like how they looked, and they were unique at the time.”

Multiple wedding rings?

One of the most popular trends is women only wearing one ring instead of two. states that the reasons to stick to one ring include avoiding losing rings, spending more money on one ring, being able to choose a larger ring, and feeling more comfortable on the finger. However, Soukenik has not found this to be the case. “It still remains for the most part – two rings,” he said.

According to Soukenik, the single ring trend occurred during the late 1980s. However, it felt incomplete without the second ring; therefore, the trend fizzled out into form-fitting rings. Then, as metal prices increased during the early 2000s, two rings became the norm. “Even when [the couple is] thinking of one ring, we usually see them down the road for another,” Soukenik said.

Rifkin has seen this trend as well; however, hers goes even farther with having two wedding bands in addition to the engagement rings. That way, brides can mix and match which rings they want to wear on any given day.

Yellow is back!

According to Soukenik, about two years ago, platinum was the most popular wedding ring color with rose platinum and yellow trailing behind. However, recently yellow gold bands have made a comeback and are now the most popular wedding ring color.

With people looking for uniqueness, Soukenik said that this could explain the switch from platinum to gold. However, for people like Menosky. Gold has always been the staple jewelry color for them. “I never really wear silver jewelry…,” Menosky said, “I like the gold. I think it’s really timeless-looking.” Arthur also loves yellow gold. “I’m a yellow gold person. Everything I wear is yellow gold, so I know that that’s trending now, but that’s always been my thing,” Arthur said.

Social and Personal Weddings provided a reason as to why the popularity of yellow gold has grown. It said, “the colour’s resurgence in popularity is partly due to the hip and edgy tastes of the unconventional millennial bride who now seeks out diamond alternatives and ethical wedding options.”

If you’re not quite sure whether to choose gold or platinum, Soukenik recommends picking a ring color that complements their skin tone.

Return of the gem

According to Do Amore, “gemstone engagement rings are becoming more and more popular due to their unique style, large size, and lower cost.” Therefore, Soukenik and Rifkin have been working with gemstones a lot more recently. “I love working with gemstones that are all sort of inherently one-of-a-kind,” Rifkin said. Some of the ones she enjoys working with most include salt-and-pepper diamonds and sapphires.

Rifkin said that the teal and blue-colored gems are very popular right now. In addition, her customers want gemstone rings that are traceable from here in the United States. Soukenik has also seen a return in gemstone sales with blue and purple-tinted sapphires being a major highlight.

Choosing the right ring for you

Trends change every year, so who knows what the wedding ring trends will be next year. However, there is no shame in embracing the current fads that are happening now. At the end of the day, you will know which ring is perfect for you. Like Soukenik said, “the gem or the diamond does tend to choose you.”

Photo by Jackie Tsang on Unsplash

Author: Cailey Greenwald