Ode to the Online

Ode to the Online

Jory Hoppy and Crystal Jones are the vanguards of dating and mating in the modern era. A digital, virtual generation bound by no geography or borders because of the pervasiveness of technology, including in romance.

Love becomes an open arena of exploration for men, women, and the non-binary alike. No racial/ethnic, age, income, educational, religious, or other barrier truly exists in this electronic landscape. Hopper and Jones are twin-flames who happened to find one another in, formerly, the unlikeliest of places.

But now, after two years together, they have been deeply in love and in pursuit, one for the other, due to the accessibility of the online environment. The modern twist in this love story is the meeting on a social media platform. 

Hopper and Jones met on Facebook of all places. They were, in fact, on a dating group and felt at home with one another. Things hit off, immediately. That initial spark, beginning sense of “meant to be” was there from the start. What’s unprecedented, it happened through virtual personas.

That’s new in the history of dating. It’s entirely new in the world of mating and courtship. It’s both ordinary because this is the norm, now, as another major option, but it’s a profound shift in the most intimate process of falling for another person. 

Hopper and Jones are a lovely example of the modern world. Two loves forming a singlet for two years and counting. Jones is from New Jersey. Hopper is from Cleveland, Ohio. They plan on getting married May 14, 2023, at the Ariel Pearl Center in Brooklyn, Ohio. 

They have some lovely photos (see interspersed in this article – done at the Cleveland Art Museum). These two are genuinely in love with one another. We at NOWM wish them the best and are happy to give another story of true love found in another avenue.

Image Credit: Mannyfresh Studios.

Author: Scott Douglas Jacobsen