On Trend Makeup: Fall and Winter Edition

How to Choose the Right Look for Your Wedding Season

Smokey eyes

During the fall and winter seasons, smokey eyes are super popular in the makeup world.

“For the fall/winter 2019 makeup trends, gold eyes were definitely that,” blogger Maya Adivi from Glowsly said. “Gold was often combined with darker, smokey outer corners and creases, in big and bold evening looks.” 

Smokey eyes don’t always have to be black and grey. They can incorporate any colors, which makes them great, but in the colder months cooler tones are usually preferred.


Dark Lips

This time of the year is the best time for red and berry-colored lips. These colors go well with the leaves outside, the holiday season and especially with a white dress. One of my favorite red lipsticks is the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored, which retails for $24. A great berry-colored lip is Rocket Man from ColourPop Cosmetics, which retails for $7. If you don’t prefer an entirely dark lip, you can try a different look, such as an ombre lip. This is when you when put a lighter color in the middle of your lips, with a darker one on the outside.


Bronzed Face

Once winter rolls around most all of us have lost our summer tan. A big trend for the fall and winter is bronzing up the face to really give a golden glow when we need it. People usually love to add maximum bronzer and highlight for the golden hour pictures.



The holidays are the perfect time to incorporate some glitter and sparkle into your makeup. According to Bridget March from Harper’s Bazaar, “minimalist-to-maximalist glitz” is a fall/winter makeup trend we need to get behind. This includes small pearl details on the inner corner of the eyes, along with multicolored glitter spread across the lid.


Cooler tones

As we reach the autumn and winter months, cooler-toned colors begin to become more on trend. Blues, greys, silvers, lilacs and more make their way into the everyday color palette. Especially if these types of colors are used in your wedding décor, using them in your makeup will tie things together wonderfully. 


Author: Jada Montozzi