Perfecting the Best Man’s Speech

Perfecting the Best Man's Speech

Here is a quick outline to assure your speech is well polished and well-thought out. Follow this simple guide and you will have everyone in awe with your sway of words.

Step 1: The Most Important Step – The Opening Line

People make their first impression of a person within the first 3 seconds of seeing them. Harsh right? That’s why we encourage you to really have a killer opening. Start planning what this may be months in advance. Don’t be afraid to ask others what they think about it…just not the bride and groom of course.

Step 2: Show Gratitude to Other Speakers

Okay, so you crushed the opening line, you have everyone’s attention, so now what? Well it is time to become the good guy. Sway the crowd’s heart over with a thank you to all the other speakers and guests for coming. Maybe even mention how you could never live up to their speech. Adding a little humor here will help you ease into the next step of your speech.


Get back to who this speech is really for. Congratulate the newlyweds and share some kind words about the couple. Be sure to take time to talk about your friend’s new spouse as well. Here is where you can share stories of first meeting the couple, a funny memory from a time in the past, or just genuine feelings you share towards the couple. Cruise into the next step of your speech by ending with a joke about the groom. 

Step 4: Speak For Others

It is important to give messages for those who cannot be in attendance day of the wedding. Be sure to check with these special guests who are not able to make it. This will be a very special moment for everyone. Also add in how special this day would be for anyone who has passed. Warning, tears may start running, but we warned you so you are prepared. If you do cry, who cares? It is an emotional, beautiful moment that you will never get back. 

Step 5: Close With Quote or Inside Joke

If you are tired of using your own words, use someone else’s. Just be sure to give credit where credit is due. Think about it, you can use the words of any intellect, actor, president, and so forth to end this speech. If you want something more home to the heart, use an inside joke. Although the entire crowd may not get the punch line, the newlyweds will and that’s what matters most.

Step 6: The Toast

You cannot forget the toast. No advice on this one. Just a reminder to do it ☺

Author: Emily Dugan