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Planning Your Wedding Got You Down? This Timeline Will Tell You When to do Everything!!

Weeks, months, even a year or more of planning for a wedding can be extremely exhausting. It can cause headaches, tears, and fights, but having a checklist is key to keeping your cool. Here are some tips to make that goal a reality from Gina Jokilehto-Schigelto, the Owner and Creative Director at Shi Shi Events, located in Cleveland, OH. Shi Shi Events has been inducted into the The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame, as well as work featured in various famous magazines and websites.

If you are trying to not overspend, the first place to edit is the guest list. “When you have more guests, you’re spending more overall across the board and if you edit your guest list, you’re able to provide those guests with a more luxe experience”, says Gina.

“My best advice to an upcoming bride to stay organized is to get ahold of a wedding checklist, whatever form you like most. There are binder type resources or there’s electronic means, but try not to get overwhelmed with the timeline, don’t worry about things that aren’t needing to be worried about,” Gina said.

Here’s the timeline breakdown she recommends :

9 months to one year in advance
Focus on the framework of your wedding, make a date, develop a budget, decide on a venue, and book the vendors that you absolutely can not get married without. For most, this might include your photographer and videographer, officiant, and florist or designer, but can also include your hair and makeup people, cake person, cake topper person, non cake dessert and more.

8 months in advance
Chat about the overall design, what is inspiring the couple for the feel of the wedding overall. Talk about deciding what type of mood you want and what vibe you want, whether it be elegant, rustic, or beachy. Make sure to include your significant other on this so that they feel in the loop as well.

6 months in advance
Start thinking about little details, the flow of the day, making sure everything is pretty concrete and planned, and continuing to refine the details as the day gets closer. Once you get down to a few weeks before the wedding, it is recommended that you call all of your vendors to make sure they have the correct dates, times, and products being delivered to your wedding.

Day of the wedding
This day is for making sure all the vendors are delivering the products they should be, and finalizing any last minute details. Try to have someone that you trust do this…someone who might be a little more forceful and detail oriented, who will make calls and pitch in herself if vendors need it.

“Always stay true to yourself. There is a lot of content that is beautiful and pretty, but stay authentic to you and your significant other and what you both think is beautiful. If they don’t fit you personally, then they won’t be what’s best for you for your wedding”, says Gina. While wedding planning can go by faster than you think, remember to take a deep breath, stay organized, and enjoy every moment.

Author: Mallory Gibson