Putting Yourself First

Putting Yourself First: Taking Away Your Worries on Your Big Day

Picture this: you’re walking down the aisle, surrounded by your loved ones. You’re wearing a stunning outfit you will never wear again and trying to look graceful and beautiful while also making sure you don’t trip over anything. Pretty daunting. Now add that to the average stressors of pulling off a wedding. Someone shows up wearing white, your cousin’s kid decides to dig into the wedding cake before it has even been cut, or your estranged aunt starts wreaking havoc on your big day. So much can go wrong, there is no denying that, but you can put yourself first while dealing with these types of situations.

Putting yourself first sometimes requires unorthodox methods and measures to ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch. This includes enlisting a sidekick who is willing to do the dirty work. The only thing you should be worried about is getting married, not if a guest decides to wear an all-white gown or whether or not your flowers are placed correctly throughout the venue. Whether it is your Maid of Honor, Best Man, best friend, or sibling, your sidekick can be the one to deal with that situation so you can focus on yourself. You do not have to be the one who worries about insignificant things when you and your partner are the main event.

Another thing to consider is limiting the number of children at the wedding or not including them at all. Wedding coordinator Michelle Miskell, of Glamourous Weddings in Dayton, Ohio, said that while many couples find it meaningful to have children in attendance, others decide to opt for a child-free wedding for safety concerns. Often, there are open flames, adults who are drinking or simply not enough space to worry about having children running around. Alternatively, if you would like children to attend the wedding, but not the reception, Elizabeth Amity Orsborn of Amity Events in Cincinnati, Ohio says that many of her clients that opt for child-free weddings allow children to attend the ceremony but then have a babysitter or nanny pick them up so the exciting celebrations can begin. Regardless of your choice, make sure it is the right decision for you and your partner. Going against what is expected of you in terms of the type of ceremony or not following the norms of wedding proceedings might be best for you, whether people agree with it or not.

Louisa Meloan Maag of Findlay, Ohio found herself in a conundrum when marrying her future husband, Gery. At the time, Louisa lived in Missouri and Gery lived in Ohio. It was the middle of the school year for Louisa’s children, and she did not want to uproot their lives at such an inconvenient time, but she also did not want to wait to marry the love of her life. Louisa and Gery had to make some tough decisions to ultimately give themselves the best of both worlds. They had a small, private ceremony in Missouri, where they were united by love, before Gery traveled back to Ohio, leaving Louisa and the kids back in Missouri, so her children could finish the school year and complete their seasonal activities. They later had a larger ceremony with all of their family and friends when it was convenient for everyone. Although challenging being far apart, Louisa managed to do what was best for her, Gery, and the children.

Planning and executing a wedding is stressful. It is easy to feel crushed by the weight of it all. Find ways to manage the stress, while staying focused on the day that you marry your best friend. While the options offered may not be for everyone, these measures can allow you to control your wedding so it can be as beautiful as imagined, while always putting yourself and your wishes first. 

Author: Peyton Huber, Photo by Avonne Stalling from Pexels