Reasons to Attend a Bridal Show

Reasons to Attend a Bridal Show

Have you ever come across a flyer or email blast regarding information about an upcoming bridal show in your area, and pondered on the thought of going, or if it was even worth your time? After all, you may have just recently been engaged over the holidays and have no clue when your wedding might be anyways. Plus, you would have to be around all those helpful vendors in one location and be overwhelmed with expert wedding advice. You would get all those free cake samples, and probably a lot of other freebies and raffle giveaways too. Is it starting to sound like a good idea yet? Let us tell you why it is not only a good idea, but why it will be the best decision you have made since saying ‘I Do.’

Imagine trying to figure out every aspect of your wedding piece by piece. You finally booked the venue, but what kind of food will you have? Can’t forget about the DJ…and it better be a good one who keeps your party going. Then you have to think about the cake size and flavor. Will your centerpieces have flowers or a glass with marbles inside? So many details to remember for one short, but huge day. Don’t forget you need professional photographers and videographers to capture the big day too.

Now imagine spending a few hours of one day with local and well respected vendors all under the same roof. Instead of spending endless hours making phone calls and driving to disappointing appointments, plan your wedding at a one-stop shop. A room full of wedding professionals should be an absolute dream come true, and it is. Compare prices, find your budget, gain feedback from family and friends, and narrow down your search until you find exactly what you are looking for.

The word free is an instant game changer. No one wants to go to the grocery store until they find out there are free food samples, right? Well, a bridal showcase is full of giveaways, freebies, raffle prizes, and best of all, grand prizes! Vendors often offer free wedding services to one lucky bride as well. That means you potentially have the opportunity to eliminate the cost of a huge expense, all because you finally said yes to the event. Although it is no grocery store, there will still be food. Bridal shows have an abundance of food samples ranging from various cakes, assorted desserts, and other catered samples.

Today’s wedding planning may consist of Google searches or Pinterest boards, but at a bridal show you get to see and feel the real deal. The vendors are there to inspire you and help you keep up with all the latest trends and fashions. The more company you bring, the more second opinions you get on what you value. On the other hand, be sure to not get overwhelmed by these opinions because when all is said and done, this event is about the bride and her groom.

Attending a bridal show will ease the pressure you have as a bride. It makes for a great and fun experience full of resourceful information, live entertainment, and loads of free goodies. Prepare for the event with family and friends, a few cups of hot Jo, and a go-getter like attitude. Do not be shy to ask questions or approach vendors. They are there to provide you with their best services and guidance, so let them help! The best kind of show is one that is close to your home with local vendors and familiar faces. Make sure you make this a must before you say ‘I do.’ You will be thankful you did it.

Author: Emily Dugan