Spread Love Not Germs

Spread Love Not Germs

Wedding season during a pandemic has brides getting creative with their welcome gifts; and personalized mini hand sanitizer bottles are at the top of the list. Creative, cost effective, and useful are just three reasons why they’ve become a go-to welcome gift that you can make your own. 

The customization of the container, color, scent, and label make these a desirable item that won’t eat a huge chunk of a budget. The mini hand sanitizer bottles can be purchased already made and then a label can be added with either the couple’s first names or a hashtag so that it feels like a personal gift.

As an Ohio bride with a destination wedding in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Amber Lohr wanted a favor that traveling guests would find useful. “Being a thrifty bride, I could not justify spending a lot of money on something that would be thrown away,” Lohr said. Lohr had three scents: lavender, lemon, and aloe, which she purchased 2 for $1 at the Dollar store. She designed the front sticker herself and ordered it from an online shop. She also added a twine bow to each one for a little flair. 

Displaying the bottles at a table with a custom sign tends to be the go-to move. Of course, having them already placed at the reception tables for when guests take their seats works just as well. Lohr had hers displayed in an oblong tub beside a chalkboard sign that thanked her guests for coming and offered them a favor. 

Shannon Kline chose to welcome her guests with mini hand sanitizer bottles in an effort to make them feel safe. “I chose them so that hopefully people can have a little peace of mind by having their own little sanitizer at a not-so-comfortable setting during the craziness of Covid-19,” Kline said. After purchasing the mini hand sanitizers on sale through Office Depot, she replaced the brand label with a design label from Esty to match her wedding. “The GermX sticker peeled off very easily, but I left the ingredients sticker on the back so guests can see what’s inside it,” Kline said. 

Kline displayed hers by the guest book so that guests would be able to take one after signing it. 

Couples who love DIY should follow in the footsteps of bride Cassie Potwin. Potwin and her husband made the mini hand sanitizers themselves using an online recipe and had a family member make their labels. The lavender scented gifts became a no-brainer after trying to decide what to do for wedding favors given everything going on during the pandemic. “We decided hand sanitizer would probably be something everyone would actually use and appreciate,” Potwin said. 

For couples looking for more options as far as design and scents, a local shop that specializes in bath and body would be right up your alley. Lisa Carson, one of the owners of Gwendolyn Elizabeth, a bath, body, and candle shop in Hudson, Ohio offers various customizable options for wedding events and has noticed the popularity of hand sanitizers lately. “Currently, with COVID out there, customers holding any celebration are looking to help their guests feel more comfortable attending an event and giving a personal hand sanitizer helps in that effort,” Carson said. 

Their products come in small batches which allows them the opportunity to create personalized labels and tags, colors, and scents. The popular scents tend to be fruity, but classics like Sandalwood Vanilla and Coconut Lime are popular as well. Carson offers all kinds of bottle options, though most customers choose the 2 ounce bottle. Of course, the service doesn’t stop there. “We help our clients with the final presentation of our products, too. We often box gifts or wrap them in individual bags. Adding a tag with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date is an added bonus,” Carson said. 

The mini hand sanitizer bottles are one of many trends in the desperate effort to make a wedding possible during a pandemic. Couples want to get married at the venue of their choice, surrounded by their family and friends. While they can’t control the mandates or who will actually show up to their wedding, they can control how they respond to all the madness. And it’s been nothing short of creative and compassionate. 

Author: Kameko Cherrelle