Stuck at Home? Plan and Prep!

Stuck at Home? Plan and Prep!



It’s hard to get an idea of what you want on your wedding day when you can’t actually see your options. Here are some great ways to get your planning started at home without ever having to leave home.


Design your dreams

Designing your big day is all about details, so to get everything right, try putting together a Pinterest Idea Board containing all sorts of inspirations. These can be anything from dress styles to centerpieces to venue decor. Now is also a great time to pick out your themes and color schemes and your idea board can help you do just that. 


Dress it up

Just because you can’t go to a store to shop for attire doesn’t mean you can’t get an idea of what you want. There are plenty of wedding websites and magazines that showcase all the latest trends and styles in wedding fashion. 


Research body styles, necklines, embellishments and color for your dress and your bridesmaids. Tuxedos can also be previewed online to see what styles, sizes and colors are available to choose from. Certain vendors will even ship you a tuxedo to try on at home. 


Another important aspect to consider is hair and makeup. Do some research on what hairstyles are possible and what goes best with the look you’re trying to achieve. When it comes to makeup, get an idea of the appearance you want to have, such as soft and sweet or sleek and sexy, then go from there. Consider making several appointments before the wedding day to make sure you look exactly how you want and your hairdresser or makeup artist has the time to perfect the image you are going for. 


Write your words

The most important part is what you say, so put some time into writing up all the important documents. You can write up personal vows, thank you speeches, personalized notes to your wedding party or even just construct menus and name place cards to decorate the evening.


Focus on your guests

Who you invite to your wedding can make or break your day. Carefully consider your guest list for the ceremony and reception and, if you aren’t having open seating, who each guest is seated next to. You can also take this time to gather contact information, such as phone numbers, emails and addresses for each guest to keep them updated about your wedding.


Another way to incorporate your guests into your planning is by creating extra guest experiences. These can be anything from small gifts and thank you notes to having exciting entertainment or fun games at your reception. You can even include them in the ceremony by having guests bless your rings by passing them throughout the audience or having them recite their own vows. 


All about the numbers

Figure out your budget early in the planning process to help recognize what is and what is not going to be possible for your wedding day. If you are having a no-budget kind of wedding, the sky’s the limit, but if you’re on a tight budget, get creative. There’s no better time than right now to be doing all sorts of DIY craft projects, throwing together some ideas to showcase your memories or researching alternatives to your favorite trend. 


Picture perfect

Do some research about the types of photographers that you would like to hire for your wedding photos. Look at their style, price, location and specialty services available. You should also figure out what kinds of pictures you would like to get and when you would like to get them.


Taking pictures during the ceremony is great, but many couples are also taking their pictures during a First Look, when the couple sees each other for the first time before their ceremony. These pictures can be more intimate and may work better for staged shots. Also consider if you will need a photographer for a photoshoot after the ceremony, such as Trash the Dress. 


Dance party

If you’re planning on having any sort of reception, you’re going to need some music. Researching local bands and DJs is a great way to get started. Focus on the types of music you and your partner like, if it is easy to dance to and if it fits the mood of the reception that you want to have. If you’re looking to get even more personalized with your music, make your own playlist on a music streaming service such as Apple Music, Spotify or Pandora. 


Another great way to keep things musical is to pick out some songs for your first dance. Listen to the words and music and try to find one that expresses how you both are feeling. You can even use Youtube or online instructors to help you get started with learning some dance moves. 


Ornate and Online

One fun and unique way to keep people updated about your big day is wedding websites. Use your website to post your engagement photos, make announcements, share fun quotes and, in general, just keep your guests excited. You can even have an online countdown to your wedding day and set up reminders so that no one forgets. 


Digital registries can also be linked to your website. Instead of asking guests to go out shopping, they can purchase the items you are asking for right from their couches or donate to your honeymoon fund, a charity of your choice or simply just give you money. 


Thanking your party

Of course with all of the things you are worried about, the last thing on your mind is thanking your wedding party. However, if they have stayed by your side through these hard times, they deserve a little gift. 


Specialized gift boxes can be delivered right to their houses to show how grateful you are for their help and patience. Planning fun day trips to the spa or arcade is another terrific way to show your appreciation, but those might have to wait for a while. 


Researching and Replanning 

For those who have postponed their wedding due to the coronavirus, you are going to have to do some replanning. Go over all of the contracts you have with your vendors and review postponement and cancellation policies before making any final decisions. 

Consider any cancellation fees that you might have to pay for each vendor and reschedule accordingly. 


And of course, don’t forget to send out an announcement to all of your guests letting them know that the wedding is postponed or cancelled until further notice. If you have all the details for the new date, go ahead and send out an updated invitation, but if you are still waiting on some details, even just a small check-in will do.

Author: Emma Stefanick