Sustainability with Taste – Pin͂a Fabric Dresses

Sustainability with Taste – Pin͂a Fabric Dresses

Times are changing, and with it are our priorities. The notion that weddings are to be over-the-top with all the stops and no worry for the waste produced is no longer as popular as it once was.

Nowadays, engaged couples are looking towards more sustainable options for their big day—farm-to-table options, natural confetti, seeded-paper invitations. But how far would you go for eco-friendly? How about the produce section?

Pin͂a, Spanish for pineapple, is a traditional indigenous fabric made in the Philippines. As the name suggests, the fabric is derived from pineapples, though probably not the part you think.

While the fruit is not native to the Philippines, it was introduced by the Spanish during the Spanish colonial era. The resulting Pin͂a fabric was produced by using the same extraction and weaving technique Filipinos used on abacá, or Manila Hemp.

Though the method of raising Philippine Red pineapples, extracting only 3-5 leave stalks per fruit at a time, and then scraping each fiber off by hand to spin it into ultra-soft and shiny fabric can be a long and tedious process, the ending result is undisputedly worth it.

Besides sustainability, this fabric is known for its breathability and lightweight feel. The shiny and translucent Pin͂a cloth is often combined with another fabric such as silk, cotton, or abacá to achieve a material that will last in other, less humid climates. The combination is usually chosen depending on what garment is created.

Back in the 17th century, it was reserved for Filipino royalty and has since then continued to be highly coveted. Barong Tagalog, traditional embroidered long-sleeve shirts, and other formal clothing are created with this cloth, as well as items like tablecloths, linen, and bags.

But is it possible to obtain such fabric when you live in North America–the answer is yes.

Several retailers can ship you a gorgeous, sustainable wedding dress in time for your big day, but there are only a few whose mission is to be eco-friendly—like Silviyana.

Silviyana is a Filipino-owned online bridal salon that emphasizes its eco-friendly products. What started as a way to help women weavers achieve sustainable revenue for their gorgeous, labor-intensive craft turned into an effort to make their spot between creators and buyers as beneficial for everyone involved as possible.

“Silviyana is radicalizing the wedding industry by being fully transparent with how our eco and good products are made. Sustainability is not just our motto, we breathe and live it. Your wedding gown will be a timeless piece that will stay true to your values for a more just and eco-conscious world. Join us in taking that stand,” their mission statement reads.

With brands like Silviyana, how could you not be interested in making an eco-friendly decision for your wedding attire?

Though, if this type of dress isn’t right for you, don’t give up.

There are other ways to be eco-friendly, such as getting second-hand vintage or renting, that might be up your alley instead. After all, what better way to start a new chapter in your life than to make it an environmentally-friendly one? Not only will the Earth thank you, but you’ll feel better knowing you’ve taken part in the Going Green movement to help preserve a more beautiful tomorrow for all of us.

Author: Emily Saldivar