The Best Foundations to Cover Up the Tattoo You Don’t Want Anyone to See

The Best Foundations to Cover Up the Tattoo You Don't Want Anyone to See

Let’s admit it. Some of us, or most of us, maybe have one or two tattoos we regret. Maybe that tattoo happens to be in a place totally visible with your wedding dress on. For those of you wanting a clean slate or to hide a botched tattoo, I’ve compiled the best full coverage foundations that are sure to cover up anything.


Kat Von D Lock It


This foundation is known for being a great choice to cover up tattoos with thanks to Kat Von D herself. If you didn’t know, Kat Von D is a tattoo artist and an entrepreneur, so it’s no surprise that her foundation can get this job done. She posted a YouTube video on her beauty page that shows the best way to use her foundation for cover-ups. According to Tara Buenrostro from the KvD Artistry team, her most requested tattoo cover-ups are for brides! This foundation retails at $36 at Sephora and is vegan and cruelty-free.


Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick


This foundation is in stick form, which sometimes makes it easier to apply for some people, especially on the body. According to, celebrity makeup artist Ana Marie Rizzieri uses this to cover up tattoos on models. “The sticks allow for easy application in traditionally hard to reach places,” Rizzieri said. This foundation stick retails for $43 at Sephora and is great for all skin types.


Jordane Total Tattoo Coverage


This is a foundation palette and is recommended for someone that would be covering up their tattoos or other things pretty often. According to Jordane, this can be used to cover tattoos, dark circles, blemishes and more. The product dries in seconds and is smudge, water and transfer-proof. It is currently on sale for $55 for a mini version or $85 for a regular size. They come in different shades, too.


Mehrom Makeup Tattoo CoveRing


If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can check out this foundation ring on Amazon for $15.29 from Mehron Makeup. Mehron products are made for professional stage settings, so they are made to last. If you do get this, you want to make sure you set the product after applying it so it doesn’t transfer or move around. According to Ashley Phillips and Katie McBroom at, it is completely opaque enough to cover up your tattoos.


Author: Jada Montozzi