The Glamor Groom

The Glamor Groom: Adding Flare to Men's Formalwear

This is the 21st Century, a time for men’s clothes to be just as fun and glamorous as women’s fashion. However, it is very important to wear what you feel good in. Modern groom Caleb Keitt did just that when he chose his fashion forward wedding day attire. 


Keitt’s personality shone within his unique blazer choice. Keitt said, “I feel like it was very me to wear such an extravagant jacket, and kinda show a less traditional look for a wedding.” His outfit was composed of a floral blazer with light gray slacks, suspenders and a cream orange bowtie. As a big fan of blazers standing out from the rest of the look, Keitt knew that this was something he wanted for his wedding day. 


The lack of fashionable and unique choices for grooms sent Keitt to Amazon in search of his dream blazer, knowing that the global online store would have an assortment of different choices for him to scroll through. However, there is also an online company dedicated to the business of adding more flare to men’s formalwear, Gentleman’s Guru. 


Gentleman’s Guru was founded due to the lack of color and fun in men’s formalwear. Customer Service Manager, Toni Lamari stated that “The lack of men’s formalwear in colors other than gray, navy blue, or black, never mind the complete lack of anything with a pattern, really propelled us to want to bring to the market more high-quality options for today’s modern gentlemen.” Their vast selection includes many patterns such as the ever popular paisley look, classy colors, and velvet fabrics that pop. 


Expressing the importance of the groom feeling just as special in what he wears as the bride, Lamari added that Gentleman’s Guru has “strived to bring new and cutting-edge looks to the market. We feel that men have every right to look amazing on their wedding day just like the bride. Giving men other options in their formalwear choices has allowed them to inject their personality and sense of style into their big day.”


Keitt echoed this comment by talking about how he felt while picking out his outfit, and the way he wanted to feel when looking back on the wedding photos. “Picking out the outfit was pretty crazy because even though I purchased everything I was only going to get married once to this person, and when I look at the pictures of the wedding in the future I really want us to reflect on how special we looked.” 


Focusing on the union, Keitt wanted to look back and remember how special the two of them looked and felt on their big day together. Keitt’s blazer matched the wedding colors he and his bride picked out. The flowers on his blazer also matched his bride’s bouquet as well. This elegant visual connection of their union is seen all the more due to their joint fashionable flare.


Inserting a bit of personality is an important aspect to any planning to make a fashion statement. When asked about what could be added to a groom’s ensemble to make their personality pop and give their outfit a little more glamor, Lamari said “Clearly one of our Gentleman’s Guru suits or tuxedos would be our first suggestion however adding matching cufflinks, shoes and bowties really help to stand out and show off their personal style and flair.” To add their own personality into their outfit, some grooms may also swap out the traditional necktie or bowtie with a vintage looking bolo tie for a more rustic feel. Others may add a pop of color with a pocket handkerchief. 


No matter what the groom may decide to wear, Keitt suggested a couple tips for any man looking to add some pizzazz to their wedding day wardrobe. “Under no circumstances are you to out-dress the bride or clash with her color scheme. You can be cute, but not better. Let her see and approve of the jacket so she knows that on the day you are more excited to see her. Pick something that is going to make you feel good about your look. Even if you get a traditional black suit, get it tailored, wear a corsage, snag a snazzy tie, or have your hair cut a special way.” 


Even if statement suits or individual statement pieces are not for you, pick something that makes you feel special and confident while standing next to your spouse-to-be. Also remember to discuss your ideas and choices with your partner, so that they feel included. Including them will add even more to the excitement of your partnership. Since this is your big day together, why not start out that partnership by making fashionable footsteps side by side?

Author: Hope Merrill, Photo of Caleb and Elise Keitt by AB Corson