Tips and Tricks for Planning a Multicultural Wedding

So you are ready to tie the knot with the love of your life, but a handful of decisions are making it a tad more difficult than you planned. Not to worry. Weddings are full of decision making, so incorporating multiple cultures and religions can always seem overwhelming. However, we have some tips and tricks that will assure your multicultural wedding goes seamlessly.

The Easy One – Food: Let’s start on a topic that is a bit easier to solve than others. Food is a great way to incorporate two cultures into an event. Whether your main dish is a compliment to the bride’s Latina heritage, and the desserts are sweet and accompanied by tea to celebrate the groom’s Chinese heritage, everyone will love the unique food tour. Add a cocktail bar where each partner chooses a drink of choice to reflect their heritage to really spice up the night.

Keep the Faith – Religion: Sometimes the right decision in a marriage is to blend religious traditions, rather than forcing one partner to do without. If you are having a multicultural wedding that is interfaith, incorporate common traditions into the ceremony. You can do this by having both a pastor and rabbi in the case of a Nigerian-Jewish wedding. Or you could even celebrate by catering the wedding ceremony to one religion’s traditions, and the reception catered to the others.

One Marriage, Two Weddings – Ceremony: Who said getting married twice is a bad thing? Especially when you get to marry the same person! Sounds more like a dream come true. This is for the couples who want to include their families that are scattered all across the globe. You could even make the second trip part of your honeymoon dependent upon where you go. For a French-Indian couple, they could get married in Goa, India then fly back to France to wed in Paris before enjoying an incredible honeymoon in the city of love.

Switching Sides – Wardrobe: For a couple who truly wants to embrace each other’s cultures, go above and beyond by getting yourself accustomed to the other’s traditional wedding attire. Switch sides by wearing these traditional clothing items from your partner’s culture. Research is recommended, but it also helps to discuss the plan over with family members who are familiar with the culture’s wedding wardrobe. Including the family will make this multicultural wedding that much more inclusive.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you with your multicultural wedding or at least spark some ideas for you. Regardless of how you incorporate traditions into your wedding, be sure it is filled with love!

Hannah Whomes Photography

Author: Emily Dugan