Tips for Choosing your Wedding Menu

Tips for Choosing your Wedding Menu

Picking the perfect wedding menu can prove to be quite a challenge. There are plenty of health crazes, food intolerances, and just plain picky eaters that can make your menu selection especially difficult. Here are some tips and tricks to make everyone’s taste buds happy.

What is Your Budget?
The first thing to decide is what your budget is. Your budget will dictate your catering options as well as the number of options you will have. Establishing a budget early on will help to keep costs within the limit and will also help to narrow your options.

What Style of Dinner?
Will you be having a plated dinner or buffet style? If you choose the plated style you will need to finalize your options in time for your guests to fill out their preferences on your invitation. However, choosing the buffet style will be a little looser on the food choices. Deciding the style of a meal will help in getting started with your food selections.

Have Several Options
If you go with a buffet style, you are likely to have a few more options for guests to choose from. You can still provide options in the appetizers if you choose the plated style. Choose a few appetizers that the guests can choose from such as fresh fruits and veggies, mini baked potato skins, or even a savory pastry. Your guests are more likely to find something they enjoy throughout the night when there are options.

Consider Breaking the Norm
You don’t have to follow the traditional five-course meal and default to meat and potatoes. Consider going another route where you can offer a plethora of options as well as adding personalization through including you and your loved one’s favorites. If sliders are your favorite food, consider adding them to the buffet or appetizer selection. This is a great way to add your own touch to the meal.

Offer Alternatives
You may want to consider having a gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian option if you know of any loved ones or guests who may need it. This way you can still enjoy your favorite food and they can enjoy something as well. These alternative diets and intolerances are becoming more and more common therefore, having these alternatives is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Fun Side Dishes
Guests love when there is unique food that is different from the standard wedding meal. You can always choose the main protein dish of beef or fish and then customize your sides to add a fun touch to the menu. This is a great way to spice up the meal while still incorporating the traditional elements.

And finally, remember that this is your wedding day and it is not possible to please the palate of every guest. As long as you are enjoying yourself and celebrating your love, your guests will follow suit.

Author: Sami Smith