Trash the Dress!!

Trash the Dress!

Brides can spend thousands of dollars on their perfect dress, but oftentimes they only end up wearing it for one night. Whether you want to get more use out of your dress or you hate to see it sitting around, here are seven fabulous ways you can make your gown the gift that keeps on giving.

Save it
Probably one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about what to do with your wedding dress is saving it. Afterall, the dress does have a lot of memories and dollar signs attached to it. You may want to store it away to hand down to your children or just to keep as an heirloom, but if leaving it lying around in a vacuum sealed bag is your fear, don’t fret. You could also keep your dress safely tucked away and bring it out for special occasions, like your anniversary.

Donate or Sell it
Another option to consider is donation. There will always be brides in need of gowns, but in addition to bridal charities, you can donate your dress to angel gown programs like NICU Helping Hands, Angel Gowns of Central Ohio or The Littlest Angel Gowns, which are groups that make and gift burial dresses to families who have recently lost an infant.

Local theater groups like Independence Community Theater or Magical Theatre Company are another great place to donate your dress where it can be used as a costume in future plays. You can also sell your dress to resale stores, fabric companies or to individuals over the internet. With the money you gain, you can donate back to charity or save to put toward your future plans.

On Display
Dresses can also be displayed in lots of different ways. One of the best ways to remember your wedding day is to hang up your gown in a custom-made specialty frame that will ensure protection from light damage. These frames can be pricey, but if you find the right professional, your dress will last a lifetime just like your love. Consider reaching out to framing stores like Michaels or bridal stores that offer certain preservation services to see what options are available to you.

Post Wedding Photoshoot
Trash the dress, fearless bridal or rock the frock is a rising trend among bridal parties that take photoshoots to the next level. While picture taking is expected at a wedding, this dramatic photoshoot is far from ordinary. The photoshoot takes the elegance of bridal attire and contrasts it with a dramatic, dangerous or out of place environment after the wedding has already taken place. This doesn’t necessarily mean the dress has to end up ruined, but it is a great way to reuse your dress and have some unconventional fun.

Everyday Wear
Think your dress is too nice and formal to wear again? With some creativity, you can remake your wedding dress into different articles of clothing. If you have sewing experience you can do it yourself or you can hire a professional to help you create new styles. Some ideas to get you started are blouses, scarves, skirts, cocktail dresses and even clutch purses. While there are no specific companies you can hire to have your dress made into different items, you can use websites like Thumbtack to search individuals for hire in your area or reach out to local sewing and quilting shops that may offer special services.

Home Decor
Converting your used wedding dress into something new doesn’t have to stop at clothing. Dresses can be made into home decor like pillows, blankets, curtains or quilts that can remind you of your love all throughout your home. You can even have them embellished with your wedding date or cute bridal sayings to remind you of what they’re made of. If you’re really into repurposing or just have a lot of extra fabric, you can use your dress to make holiday decor like Christmas tree skirts, stockings and ornaments.

For Baby
Finally, if you’re planning on raising a family or already have a bun in the oven, these repurposing ideas can be extra special. Consider turning your wedding gown into items for your baby’s nursery. These can be blankets, quilts, bassinet covers or formal dresses for special occasions like christenings and communion. You could also try turning your dress into doll clothes or teddy bears.

Author: Emma Stefanick photo by Wanderlust Creatives,