Trending: Say Yes to Having No Bridesmaids

Trending: Say Yes to Having No Bridesmaids

All for one or all for none? In the fresh new year of 2019, we are bringing in a new trend of not having groomsmen or bridesmaids for weddings. 


Having a bridal party is always fun. Brides create “say yes” boxes for their bridesmaids, their maid of honor hosts the bachelorette party, and you have your favorite girl gang in beautiful bridesmaids’ outfits watching you walk down the aisle on your big day.


But is it really necessary? Future bride-to-be Jen Newmann doesn’t think so. Jen said she got the idea when she was helping her friend plan her wedding a few years ago. She asked her friend why she didn’t have a bridal party and the friend replied it was so hard matching up bridesmaids with groomsmen. Newmann loved the idea now she is planning her wedding without a bridal party too!

Here are some topics to consider when thinking about your bridal party

The Matching Process

Will it be too difficult to match your bridesmaids’ number to your future husband’s groomsmen? This may not seem like a struggling process but considering every other detail you need to plan for your wedding, it may be more frustrating than its worth. This will be the happiest day of your life, of course, but cutting stress down in areas here and there is necessary for the planning process.

The Projects

Do you enjoy doing DIY projects? Because you may have to do several of them when it comes to your big day, especially if you have a bridal party. It is a trend now that when asking girls to be bridesmaids, the bride usually creates crafty, cute, and creative ways to ask their future bridal party. Some may find this to be a blast and a fun stress-reliever to the planning process, while others may think this consumes too much time and money from the budget.

The Bachelorette Party

If you’re considering not having a bridal party but you’re bummed because you feel like you will have to give up your bachelorette party, think again! Jen Newmann still plans to have hers! After all ladies, the bachelorette party is not about whether your friends have a title on your big day, its about celebrating with the people you love.

Aisle Prep

One very important thing to consider when debating your bridal party is, will you need your girls prepping you right before you walk down the aisle? Or will you need them by the alter so they can be by your side? Of course, your girlies will be there for you with or without being labeled “bridesmaids” but sometimes having a set opportunity like bridesmaids are given, can make things go smoother.


When deciding whether or not to have bridesmaids, it is important to consider your budget. One suggestion would be to make a priorities list. What are your “must haves”, “possibilities”, and “love but don’t needs”. This is a very good way to determine how much having a bridal party means to you.


So, what do you think? Will you be saying “yes!” or “no way!” to this new trend?


Author: Jada Montozzi