Trends Breaking Traditions: Wedding Pants Vs. Wedding Dress

Trends Breaking Traditions: Wedding Pants Vs. Wedding Dress

You’re trying on wedding dress after wedding dress and none seem to be shouting “Yes!” as the perfect outfit should. After countless stores, the dresses seem to mesh together and you may be worried you will never find that stunning outfit that will show your unique inner beauty you want to shine on your perfect day.

One new look that has sparked for many brides is to wear the new trendy pantsuit or pant sets for wedding gowns instead of the traditional dress. Many brides love this alternate option for so many reasons.

Be a Trendsetter
Are you someone who is an innovator always looking for the next trend? A pantsuit to say, “I do!” might be the choice for you. This is a new, unique look that brides are slowly adapting. You will have that one-of-a-kind look that shows your unique self on your wedding day.

Comfort and Gorgeous
One thing we can all agree on pantsuits and pant sets is that they are so comfortable, especially compared to dresses. You can sit any way you please and never have to worry about an uncomfortable breeze outside! Not to mention you wouldn’t have to worry about tripping over a long train or someone stepping on your gown from behind.

Many have the misconception that if you choose to wear pants for a wedding outfit it has limited options to different styles, but that is not true. There are many styles of pants and outfits you can wear that will set you apart like the stunning bride you are. From bell-bottom flares that will give your audience that jaw-dropping “Wow!” to a slick, tight, form-fitting leg that will be clean cut and edgy. Not to mention pant sets create a fashion-forward attitude that will draw the eyes of your future husband instantly. Don’t let the misconception of pants being associated with boring fool you! You can make anything unique and beautiful just like you.

After all, being comfortable, stylish, and a trendsetter sounds amazing am I right? What do you ladies think? Would you wear a pantsuit or even a pant set instead of a wedding gown?

Photo: Camilla Kirk

Author: Madison Taylor