Wedding Day Emergencies! Five Common Crises and How To Solve Them

Wedding Day Emergencies! Five Common Crises and How To Solve Them

It’s hard to believe sometimes that your big day involving countless months of planning and coordination is finally here. The stress and pressure of getting the venue, dresses, and wedding party is finally over. Or is it? What happens when Aunt Georgia threatens to boycott the wedding? What if the rain threatens to ruin your perfect garden ceremony? Don’t worry, we have solutions to your worst wedding day nightmares!

Scenario: Oh no, a family member is threatening to start drama on my big day! What can I do to resolve it?

Solution: Not to worry! Family drama is something we all deal with and matrimony can often flare tensions. Assign a designated member of your wedding party who you feel understands your family situation and you trust to handle any family drama that may crop up on your big day. This “family manager” should be understanding and accommodating, but firm and assertive if a family member proves to be too disruptive. However, make sure they come to you for any major decisions such as excluding a family member from your wedding.

Scenario: My beautiful outdoor ceremony is being threatened by clouds and storms. This wasn’t in the forecast!

Solution: Weather can be fickle and unpredictable, have a rainy day plan for your outdoor wedding even if it seems like the weather will cooperate. This includes an indoor area nearby where you can hold your proceedings and informing your wedding party how to help guide guests to the alternate location. You should also work with your photographer to determine alternate possible locations for photos.

Scenario: Shoot! I spilled something on my wedding dress while getting ready, how do I get it out?

Solution: Treat the stain depending on the material of the dress. Have an emergency stain kit ready for your day, including Q-Tips and dish detergent. The first step, in any case, should be dabbing at the stain with a clean white napkin. For an oil stain, mix one-part dish detergent and one part white vinegar. If it’s a wine stain, try three parts cold water and one part dish detergent. For a makeup stain, try a damp cloth or makeup remover.

Scenario: My dress is so beautiful but I have a problem. How do I go to the bathroom in this thing?

Solution: There is actually an ingenious invention for this very problem. It is called the Bridal Buddy and you can purchase it easily online. It is a white, slip-like net that goes below your dress. When nature calls, all you have to do is gather the skirt in the device and pull the drawstrings. Voila, your dress is now gathered in a convenient package making it easier for you and safe from any potential mishaps.


Author: Sarah Zhang