Which Lipstick is Right for the Big Day?

Which Lipstick is Right for the Big Day?

Choosing a lipstick for your wedding day is a big decision because the lipstick you choose will be in all of your wedding photos, not to mention on your lips all night. Through all of the eating, drinking and kissing your groom, you want a lipstick that is going to be comfortable and stay on. I have curated a list of characteristics to look for when choosing a wedding day lipstick.


Is it long-lasting?

All of these questions are equally important when determining which lipstick to wear, but this one might be a deal breaker. You want to choose a lipstick that will be able to last through hours and hours of wear, with little reapplying. It’s your wedding day, who wants to be worried about applying their lipstick every hour? To get a lipstick that stays all day, try Stila’s Stay All Day liquid lipstick. It retails for $22 at Sephora.


Is it my shade? 

You can always play it safe by getting your perfect nude lip, or you can play around and go bold. Some brides opt for the nude lip while others choose a red lip, or even a colored one to match their wedding colors. Whichever option you choose, I would recommend trying it on beforehand to make sure you are comfortable in the color. If you have trouble, you can go to your local Sephora or Ulta and have them show you colors that work for your skin tone. 


Does it transfer?

Like I mentioned previously, you are going to be eating, drinking and kissing all day and night. You should opt for a lipstick that does not transfer from your lips to other things. Lipsticks like these are usually liquid lipsticks, not traditional tube lipsticks. Some people prefer traditional lipstick better because it is easy to reapply, but others prefer liquid lipstick because you simply don’t have to reapply. Liquid lipsticks usually dry down completely so the product does not transfer onto other things or wear off. If you are looking for a lipstick that stays put, try Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick, which retails for $20.


Is it comfortable?

If it’s not comfortable, put it back. Some lipstick formulas can really dry out your lips and feel really uncomfortable as you wear them. You want to make sure you get a lipstick that is going to feel like it is barely even there. This may require testing out a few prior to the wedding, but better safe than sorry. For a liquid lipstick that stays on, dries down to a comfortable satin finish and feels comfortable on the lips, try Colourpop’s Ultra Satin Lip. They retail for $7.


Author: Jada Montozzi