Who Said You Can Only Have One Dress?

Who Said You Can Only Have One Dress?

Your wedding day is going to be a long one. Having outfit changes during it can allow you to express yourself more while giving you more comfort. Think about all of the different events that are included in your wedding day; why only have one outfit?


Reasons to Have Many Outfits

If having multiple outfit changes at your wedding is the route you are going to take, you may want to include this in your budget. If you happen to not have a budget, then buy as many outfits as your heart desires. Whichever way you come up with the money, a wedding dress is still necessary. According to fashion designer Anunita on bride magazine, there are five good reasons for having more than one wedding dress. These include not having to decide on one dress, having a creative mix of wedding photos, not creasing your dress, being able to embrace your inner fashionista and being able to dance freely. 


The Wedding Dress

THE wedding dress is that main attraction at the church ceremony. Girls dream about walking down the aisle with the wedding dress of their dreams, but after the walk, how much longer do you really want to be in the dress? After the fairytale moment at the altar, surprise your guest by wearing something totally different to the reception. 


The Reception 

During the reception everyone is ready to let loose and have a great time. After all of the pictures have been taken, slip into something more fun. The perks that come with changing your dress is that you can plan on what kind you want depending on what will be going on during the reception. If you are a big dancer I would get a shorter and more comfortable dress. 


Cultural Weddings

If you are having a cultural wedding, changing outfits may be an even easier decision. According to Elizabeth Greene, a blogger from style me pretty, a Cambodian couple had five incredible outfit changes at their wedding to celebrate their culture. “Age long traditions were recognized and rituals were performed to perfection,” Greene said.  In a wedding, changing outfits does not just help the bride, but it can also bring more of their culture forward for everyone else to see. No matter what culture or religion, anyone has the option to spice things up by changing their outfit throughout their wedding day.


Author: Jada Montozzi