Cloudberries Ltd.



Cloudberries is a stunning jigsaw puzzle company that creates beautiful, design-led jigsaw puzzles for adults. Using only FSC-certified board, Cloudberries puzzles are the best way to show just how much you love someone and how amazing it is to celebrate special moments with them! We're not even through with the best part. As a pledge to caring for the planet, the company plants one tree for every puzzle they sell and so far, they've already planted thousands of trees that have helped restore the world's most fragile rainforests. Surely, nothing beats the fun out of puzzling for a cause, and just simply having a good time with these premium-quality jigsaws!

2000-piece Gradient Puzzle
Care for an extra-challenge and added fun with your wedding gift? Then this 2000-piece Gradient puzzle is a must buy! Not only are the rainbow colors and subtle gradients stunning, this extra large puzzle is perfect for decoration too! After solving this exciting jigsaw, you'll definitely want to place it somewhere everyone can see. Try out this beautiful jigsaw designed only for the best puzzling experience and see how much fun you can have for yourself!

Origami Puzzle
Check out these beautifully-decorated jigsaw puzzle ORIGAMI, a wonderful wedding gift that's bound to stand out! Cloudberries folded every one of these paper cranes and captured this stunning design for all puzzlers to enjoy. Although made to be quite tricky, nothing beats the fun out of piecing this artwork together! The pastel blue background and bright-colored cranes make the pieces intuitively simple to sort out, until you see the full picture come together, one crane at a time!