Abby and Tanner

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Darling Details

Abby and Tanner Purnhagen
Photographed by Carly Drzazga

Most brides picture a grandiose wedding, surrounded by friends, family and acquaintances alike, but Abby and Tanner started their forever with a small intimate wedding, on a hill under a tree.

Abby and Tanner were married at Rocky River Beach, surrounded by the love of their 12 person immediate family.

Carly said the key to capturing the perfect wedding moment is to be in tune with the bride and groom’s story. For this couple, Carly incorporated the spot that they first fell in love at into the location for their pictures.

“The first time ever that Abby, the bride, skipped school, was with Tanner, the groom, and they went to the art museum,” Carly said. “Every year, they take a photo together there. Their whole relationship they have done that.”

Carly took the couple’s engagement and wedding pictures at the art museum to keep the tradition going and commemorate their love for each other.

Carly said her favorite part of the wedding to photograph was the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride walk down the aisle toward him.

“Just seeing them be completely vulnerable and being able to capture that was my favorite for sure,” Carly said. “He just started crying… She just stood there holding his face, having a little moment right before.”

Tiny moments spent with people who will love them forever. The Perfect wedding.