Frannie and Mark

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How They Met

We met in medical school in Tennessee. I was literally wearing pajamas, and I can't say he looked a whole lot better. We bonded when he spilled his entire pumpkin spice latte on my computer. we watched the light on the screen go out together. I was sobbing. I don't know how he did it, but he ordered me a new computer on the spot and had it delivered the next day. Later on, I found out that he didn't even HAVE a computer...he used the one at the library!

Proposal Story

This is romantic..we were scuba diving at Molinere Bay in Jason deCaires Taylor's underwater art gallery in Grenada , and I turned around a corner, and Mark was posing as one of the statues and holding a sign asking me to marry him.

Tip for Engaged Couples

Taste as much cake as you can!

Finding the Perfect Gown

My mom, my sister and I wore the same gown, so I didn't have much choice, but it was awesome.

Favorite Wedding Memory

I think that my favorite thing about the ceremony was at the church, mid ceremony. There were a lot of kids there, and it was a really hot day. My sister started singing "Hallelujah", and my little four year old nephew piped up and yelled at the top of his lungs, "Hey, I know that song!" My sister waved him up to her and he ran up, and all of the little kids ran up, and they all started singing. It kind of turned into a Mary Had a Little Lamb fest, but I just remember thinking to myself, that's going to be me and him surrounded by children, surrounded by love.

Lovely Location

Cleveland, OH

Bride's Favorite Moment

Our family has a tradition: we all make ham sandwiches before our wedding so that our wedding party isn't hungry before the ceremony. All of the women of the family get up at 5 a.m. on our wedding day and we all stood in the kitchen and told stories and laughed and laughed.

Groom's Favorite Moment

I think that the whole day was amazing. I'm just so proud to have such a beautiful, amazing wife.