Starlett + Gary

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How They Met

We were matched by eHarmony on their free Valentine's weekend, 2015. For years we had both been praying to meet someone very special (he was divorced for many years and I was a widow). Thanks to God & eHarmony, we couldn't be a better match! Gary messaged me his phone number that weekend and the rest is history.

When we sent eHarmony our story and engagement pics at the beach, they sent us their logo wine glasses and our 85% matched answers. Three years later we are still amazed how much we love all the same things ...

we go everywhere together and really live life to the fullest! It is beyond wonderful at how much joy and happiness we bring each other, we've been told it is so evident in our candid pictures. And he says the honeymoon will never be over ... he still opens the car door for me every day, kisses my hand and forehead, and he still says "Good morning Beautiful" every single day.
As I wrote in my vows, "I dreamed you and you came true". He actually exceeded my dreams; he is so loving, and such a gentleman.

Proposal Story

Only 5 months after we met ... we were alone at his place, he got down on one knee and in tears asked me to marry him; I said "Yes, a thousand times YES!" Then he put the perfect diamond ring on my finger, and then I cried, with joy.

Tip for Engaged Couples

To talk about all the important things ~ your values, your faith, your finances and your dreams and goals! Take advantage of all the marriage resources out there, learn especially how to listen and communicate.

Finding the Perfect Gown

I feel that God led me right to it at David's Bridal! I knew it the minute I saw it, but still tried on two others to satisfy my very supportive sister. She is beyond wonderful and was my matron of honor. The best part ~ it was only $99, marked down from $500! I loved the style, it complimented me and felt so comfortable, like it was made just for me. And I didn't have to spend a fortune!

Favorite Wedding Memory

We both thought about this and said the whole wedding! But we were especially touched by the beautiful dance that my dance instructor, Melissa Lopez, did for us as a wedding gift (see pic); which she choreographed to our first love song, "Thinking out Loud" by Ed Sheeran.

Lovely Location

We chose "Williams on the Lake" in Medina, Ohio for the beautiful nature setting by the lake and we liked the moon gate we were married at.

Bride's Favorite Moment

The Rose Ceremony, which came after our vows. I held the vase of water, saying: "this is the one element we would perish without, symbolizing the importance of your love in my life"; he gave me a rose, saying: "because it grew from a tiny seed and became stronger and larger till it burst into a beautiful bloom, symbolizing the way my love for you has grown. Each year on our anniversary I"ll give you another rose to remember this day and to renew the vows we made."

Groom's Favorite Moment

When I saw her for the first time, walking down the brick aisle, with her sons escorting her. I felt so lucky at that moment!

Darling Details

Slow dancing together, it's so intimate to us, we do it at home often. And we had so much fun just being ourselves and laughing when our pics were being taken ~ we told our photographer just to follow us around! Very few of our wedding pics were posed. I especially enjoyed dancing to "Happy" walking up the aisle after our ceremony! It was all impromptu! Like me! And I loved dancing with our closest friends and family at the reception, so much fun!

Number of Wedding guests