Cindy Shaoul



One ceremony possibly altered forever by the pandemic is the bridal market. Whether or not weddings return to include massive guest lists and overly-long registries, the pandemic reminded us all about the importance of ceremony.

Celebrating the bride on her wedding, especially during these challenging times, makes everything a bit sweeter. What better way to celebrate a bride than by giving her an original piece of art that commemorates one of the important days of her life?

Artist Cindy Shaoul’s gorgeous 'Brides' series was inspired by haute couture, the classic beauty from the days of Audrey Hepburn and the elegance of Degas Ballerinas.

Shaoul explained, “I wanted to create a collection that would emit elegance and the purity of the feminine form. I want her beauty to be uncovered through abstract expressionism, while fusing impressionistic techniques as well. With this series, I aim to create exotic forms with expressive and highly textural brushstrokes that are full of intense color, loosely inspired by artists of the French Impressionist movement such as Renoir, Degas, and Mary Cassatt.”

She added, “I want the Bride to have a dazzling explosion of variable life to symbolize the future that lies ahead for her. The surprise of the rhythm is what excites me while creating these pieces, and I aspire to bridge what I’ve learned in school with my passion for exuberant abstraction and depth of color into the essence of her figure and spirit.”

Shaoul’s unique “Brides” is the gift that keeps on giving - both on the actual day and for a lifetime, as the bride gets an original piece of art to always remind her special day.