SaraJosephine Art



Interested in capturing your special day through impressionistic brushstrokes and vivid hues that depict the ambiance of your event? If so, a live wedding painter might be right for you! Live painting creates a memorable experience for guests to watch and enjoy while arriving to your ceremony or taking a break from the dance floor at the reception. Not to mention, your original painting will serve as a unique memento to display in your home and pass on to future generations.

•Thank you for your interest in my Live Event Paintings. I am a reference artist and will be capturing moments on my device to work from in creating your art. I will not be painting your event as it is unfolding in front of me.

•Being a reference artist allows me to hone in on the details of your moment. Utilizing a crisp reference to work from will offer me the ability to recreate (facial features, body movements, architecture of the venue. etc.) with precision.

I can’t wait to capture your MAGIAL DAY together! Northeast Ohio Weddings Magazine, the first and only diverse, inclusive wedding magazine in Ohio, is expanding state wide and we need an amazing commission sales executive!! Please pm or call me at 330.714.6261 to hear more!